Luke Cage may just be another Netflix show to some, but it has a lot of meaning and depth behind its seasons and is very important to the Marvel Universe. Much of the show touches on some pressing matters and Luke himself is not your average run-of-the-mill superhero. Here are a few reasons why Luke Cage is one of the most important Marvel hero to date.

He Is More Than Just A Male Superhero

In a world where racism is everywhere, Luke Cage’s character is the person we need. Yes, he does have superhuman strength and unbreakable skin but the entire show has a lot of hidden and empowering messages about crucial African-American history and culture. Luke touches on this throughout the show making it more than just your average Marvel Universe show.

He Is A Good Lover

Not that we don’t see love in other Marvel Universe content, but Luke Cage does it a little differently. There is something more human about the way he treats people that makes him come across as a relatable person rather than a superhero with a cold attitude. These moments make him shine as a person above everyone else in the Marvel Universe.

Luke Doesn’t Need Avengers To Be Cool

One thing we all know is that you have made it in the Marvel Universe if you become part of the Avengers. Luke Cage, on the other hand, proves that you can be a superhero and still live in a normal apartment, read books, visit your favourite barber shop and have a bunch of down-to-earth friends. He does not need the status symbol to be a good guy.

Small Acts Of Kindness

While the Avengers are off saving the world from doom, Luke Cage is more focused on his immediate environment. He prefers to do the good things in small amounts. Even when he goes to jail at the end of the first season he does not care as he knows it is for the best interests of many. Luke does not need heroic escapades to prove anything. He does what he does for the people he loves and cares about around him.

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