If you have been watching Luke Cage on Netflix, then good for you! The show is great and one of the best around. If you have watched the other Marvel movies over the past few years and even The Defenders and you feel a little lost then that is a natural feeling. Where does this all fit into the story and why is it so confusing?

Well, it is not actually that confusing as Luke Cage’s placement in the Marvel Universe timeline makes complete sense.

Possible Marvel spoilers to follow

If you watched the Avengers: Infinity War you will know that Thanos managed to get all the infinity stones and basically killed half the planet. Now, if the first or second season of Luke Cage would have happened after or during the massive fight with Thanos then we would have seen it already in the show.

While it is hard to nail down just where the show places in the timeline, we at least know that the second season of Luke Cage does not mention anything about the catastrophe nor are there any characters missing from the roster. This places the show right before the events of Avengers: Infinity War.

Apparently, the writers of Infinity War did consider placing some of the Netflix Marvel heroes in the movie blockbuster but that would have caused chaos when it came to the returning seasons of their shows next year. We know Luke Cage will be back for a third season in 2019, so perhaps we will see more of the Infinity War saga in that season or maybe not. Perhaps Luke Cage is actually set way before any of the Avengers movies and the show will end before it ever gets close to the timeline. Who knows? At least we have cleared up Luke Cage is set nowhere near the events of the Infinity War and places it roughly before the events take place.

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