The Netflix Luke Cage ties into the Marvel Cinematic Universe quite well which means there are bound to be a whole bunch of Marvel easter eggs that you might miss if you don’t pay attention to what is going on. Here are some Netflix Luke Cage Marvel easter eggs that will leave you wanting to go back and see them for yourself.

Stan Lee In The Show, Sort Of

While Stan Lee has appeared in every Marvel movie in recent years in some way or another, he has yet to appear in any of the Netflix shows. Well, he may not be in Luke Cage in person but if you look carefully during episode 12 of the first season, you will see Stan Lee’s face on a poster with the words “See a Crime? Report it!” on the front of it.

The Classic Costume

The original Luke Cage comic book had a very different-looking Luke on the cover of it. The Netflix Luke Cage wears normal casual clothes, but during the first episode of the show when Luke escapes from Seagate prison, we actually see him in the classic look. During the first episode, Luke is seen wearing a yellow hoodie and has chains wrapped around him which is iconic to the cover of the Hero For Hire issue.

Luke’s Reading Choices

The Netflix Luke Cage is seen reading books all the time. If you pay attention to these books, you will see that in some way they all refer to Luke’s personality. Many of them touch on racist issues such as a black man living in a white society and feeling invisible and some of Luke’s moral choices he makes throughout the show.

References To Other Movies

Throughout Luke Cage, we see references to movies such as Lethal Weapon, Titanic and even Saving Private Ryan. We even see Luke’s father debate the entire ending of Titanic in an episode saying that both Jack and Rose could have easily fitted on that wood in the middle of the ocean.

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