When Niantic first launched Pokemon GO in 2016, it took the world by storm. It seemed that everyone was getting up and Pokemon GOing. One of the first requests that came from players, was to allow Pokemon Go trading. Now, after more than two years on the mobile market, Pokemon GO trading has finally been released.

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But is this feature worth it and will players even care and go back to the mobile game? Let’s explore what the new Pokemon GO trading will mean for the game and players.

How Will Pokemon GO Trading Work?

The new Pokemon GO trading and friends features will let players of the mobile game send gifts to each other, communicate and build friendships, and (most importantly) it will let players trade Pokemon with each other. Niantic is obviously pushing for a more social mobile game and seeks for players to form lasting friendships that will encourage them to play Pokemon GO trading and all the new friends features too.

One of the ways Pokemon GO trading is pushing the mobile game in a more social direction is by requiring your friendship to be at a certain level to trade certain powerful Pokemon. For instance, you will need to level up your friendship to be able to use the Pokemon GO trading system for Legendary or other rare Pokemon.

A further requirement for Pokemon GO trading to work and to push for real, lasting friendships, the players need to physically be close to each other. This also prevents other players from abusing the Pokemon GO trading system and opening black market Pokemon GO trading stores.

One of the biggest requirements for the new feature is for players to be level 30 in the game. This is pretty high for casual gamers, but the game has been around for more than two years so if you’re a fan, you’re probably past that level already.

Safety note: do not meet up with someone to use the new Pokemon GO trading system if you don’t know and trust that person. It can be very dangerous to meet strangers, so please don’t do that!

Are you keen on the new Pokemon GO trading system? Is it enough to keep you playing the mobile game or have you return to it? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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