Many people ask us what in the world Netflix is and why they should subscribe to it. Well, if you have not become a member already hopefully this will help you see why Netflix is the best and the preferred streaming service.

It’s Affordable

Netflix is cheap and while you may think it is not, compared to a lot of streaming services and even TV providers, it comes out a lot cheaper. To think that a year of Netflix costs you around R2000 compared to R1000 per month for a TV service like DSTV. Amazon Prime, probably the closest thing to Netflix, sets you back the same price as Netflix but it has a fraction of the content found on the service. You are basically paying for a full year of Netflix if you pay for a monthly DSTV Premium subscription.

Best 4K HDR Content

With everyone getting better internet and TVs, Netflix is catering for those people and they currently have the best 4K HDR content on the market. Shows like Stranger Things, Altered Carbon and much more offer gorgeous 4K HDR output to gaze upon while watching it. The service offers the best range of 4K HDR content compared to everything else available which includes YouTube and Amazon Prime

Great Shows

If you are looking for the best in entertainment then Netflix has a great range of things to watch. Some of the best shows we have ever watched are available on the service and the movies are awesome too. Netflix offers great value for money when it comes to content as the original shows and movies are world-class.

Something For Everyone

We have yet to find someone that has not found anything they enjoy on Netflix. The streaming service has something for everyone be it a child coming home from school and in dire need of some educational shows, a mom that wants to watch some crime drama, a dad with a strange obsession for World War or a daughter that loves to watch Project Runway. The sheer amount of categories to watch on the service will keep you busy for months and no matter who you are, you will find something of interest.

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