Luke Cage is one of Netflix’s best shows right now but what makes it so great? Is it the fact that it is a Marvel series? Well no. It is Luke Cage himself. In a world of men controlling mechanical suits from their couch (sorry Iron Man), Luke Cage is the hero we all need as he is going against the grain to prove that you don’t need fancy superpowers to be a hero.

Luke Cage is the hero the world needs right now with his overall attitude and approach to society being badass and supporting those who need him the most. Luke drives for justice in a time where cops shoot black people for no reason. In a time where white straight men are everywhere and the world is looking for hope. The show and Luke himself goes beyond just being a fictional series as its underlying tones of community and the New York thug life make it relatable to many people.

Luke Cage is also a man first and a superhero second. We see much of his personal life trying to balance being a famous man from Harlem and saving the city together with just being a diverse hero apart from the typical cape-wearing ones we see everywhere today. Luke Cage would be just a hero even without his superpowers as he is just that hardcore which proves that even when the odds are against you, never forgot where you came from and where you are going.

Luke teaches us to never abandon hope, family and your support pillars as even with unbreakable skin, you will always need someone to treat you like a normal person. Most of all Luke Cage’s presence in the world right now is perfect as it goes against everything negative we see on TV in regards to racism and stereotypes. Luke is more than just another Marvel superhero on TV, he is an escape from the darkness that hides in the world these days.

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