There’s something about weddings that make them extremely entertaining. Not only the big day itself, but the build-up too. If you’re into wedding movies, then you need to check these out on Netflix.

The Week Of

Every one of the wedding movies on this list is sure to entertain you, but you might even fall in love with this one.

Adam Sandler and Chris Rock star in this movie about a father who is hell bent on paying for his daughter’s wedding, while the rich father of the groom tries to do the same. The families come together and have to spend a long week filled with calamities together. This is one of the wedding movies that will make you grateful for your own (relatively normal) family.

The Wedding Party

If you’re looking for wedding movies that hit closer to home, then The Wedding Party might be the one for you.

The Wedding Party is sure to make you laugh and might even be hilariously relatable to anyone who has had a drama-filled wedding day and lead up to the big day.

Ali’s Wedding

Wedding movies can have a lot of heart and emotion, and Ali’s Wedding is one of those.

Ali (portrayed by Osamah Sami) struggles to live up to the high expectations placed on him and decides to tell a lie. The lie spirals out of control, with some hilarious and heartfelt consequences.


Not all wedding movies have to be all about romance, some can be about being hilariously naked.

This Netflix Original puts an awesome and funny twist on wedding movies. Rob (portrayed by Marlon Wayans) is stuck in a time-loop on his wedding day. The only catch? He doesn’t have any clothes on. Somehow Rob has to figure out how to marry his bride, but first he needs to find clothes.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

This might not be one of your conventional wedding movies, but it has a lot of heart and funny moments.

Adam Sandler also stars in this one, with Kevin James. These two best friends go the extra mile for each other in great, and hilarious movie.

Which wedding movies are your favourite? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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