Netflix is a simple streaming site which is easy to use but if you want to further enhance your streaming service then we have you covered. Here are five Netflix tips to get the most out of the service.

Download Things For Later

Netflix prides itself on streaming but sometimes streaming just isn’t enough. Often you will find yourself without internet or maybe you are travelling with limited access. This is where Netflix’s download services come in handy. Available on smart boxes, Android and iOS devices, you can download your shows and movies to your device to watch later. This helps if you are going somewhere and want to finish binge-watching your favourite season of Luke Cage without having the internet to do so.

Use The Hotkeys

If you watch Netflix on a PC and need to quickly press a button or two or access something, then there are a few hotkeys for you to keep in mind. These keys also apply to Bluetooth keyboards which you might have plugged into you PC.

Space/Enter: Play/Pause

PgUp: Play (PC only)

PgDn: Pause (PC only)

F: Full Screen

Esc: Exit full screen

Shift+Left arrow: Rewind

Shift+Right arrow: Fast forward

Up arrow: Volume up

Down arrow: Volume down

M: Mute on/off

Delete Your History And Start Anew

We love Netflix but sometimes those recommendations irritate us. These recommendations are based off things you have watched so if Netflix forgets you have seen them then you are in the clear to be recommended new things. In order to delete your history head to the  MyActivity Page and slowly take away those things that someone watched on your account.

Kick Your Friends Off Your Account

Let’s be honest, everyone wants a free Netflix ride and if you are that person then shame on you. This is one of the Netflix tips for the true subscribers. If you are tired of sharing your Netflix account and not sharing the bill with your friends then you can kick them off. Simply head to the account page and select “sign out of all devices”. This will force everyone to sign back into the service again. If they don’t know the password then good for you, if they do then you need to change it.

Get Rid Of Buffering

The most important tip of all, how to fix that darn buffering. If you are watching on a PC hold down Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S to open a hidden menu where you can select specific streaming options to choose from. On a game console press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up to access the same menu. If you are on a Smart TV or Apple TV then head into Playback Settings in your account page and select the stream options you want. Remember, if it is buffering, try to choose a lower quality to get rid of the issue.

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