Adam Sandler and Netflix have a fantastic relationship. The provider helps fund many of his projects and all his older movies are also part of the service too. This means that if you are a fan of Adam Sandler then you will find a load of things to watch. Here are some you simply need to see if you are a Netflix subscriber.

The Week Of

The Week Of is a 2018 comedy starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. The week before the marriage of their children, fathers Kenny Lustig and Kirby Cordice must put aside their differences on how a wedding needs to be planned and work together to create a magical day for their children.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

The LGBT community rejoiced when this movie was released in the early 2000s. Adam Sandler and Dennis Dugan act as two gay men pretending to love each other and get married in order to cash in on an insurance policy. The film is filled with quirky gay culture references and one-liners that make it a worthwhile watch.

That’s My Boy

Starring Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler, the film is about an alcoholic slacker father who owes a load of money in taxes or he will have to spend three years in prison. This news arrives right before his son’s wedding in which he hopes to find a way to make the money by exploiting his financial situation.

Sandy Wexler

Sandy Wexler (Adam Sandler) is a talent manager in the 1990s working in LA. Sandy’s skill is put to the test when he meets a singer that is actually good at what she does. Courtney Clarke, played by Jennifer Hudson, tests Sandy’s exploitation by giving him a run for his money and actually making him work like a professional.

Jack and Jill

Adam Sandler stars as both Jack and Jill in this hilarious comedy about twins who have to come together after being apart since their teenage years. They are the complete opposite. Jack is a social delinquent and Jill is loud and in your face. The film follows the story of family bonding as they need to overcome their differences and become brother and sister again.

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