Netflix may host a range of kids shows and movies but there are also some great adult-themed cartoons that will leave your inner South Park fan grinning from ear to ear. Here are some of the best adult-themed cartoons to watch if you are over the age of 16.

Big Mouth

Big Mouth follows a group of 7th-grade best friends as they navigate through puberty, masturbation and sexual arousal during the most crucial time in any young adult’s life. The kids are led around by a hormone monster named Maurice who acts as the puberty devil directing the kids’ minds and controlling their heightened puberty emotions.

Rick and Morty

One of the world’s most popular adult-themed cartoons right now. Rick and Morty follow the misadventures of a cynical mad scientist Rick Sanchez and the scaredy-cat, Morty, as they take on a range of interdimensional adventures. Between fighting deadly creatures in space to handling family quarrels, these two often take on more than they can chew.

Final Space

Final Space sees an astronaut named Gary and his alien friend, Mooncake take on intergalactic adventures as they try to solve the mystery of the “Final Space”. The whole idea of the show is all about trying to discover where the universe actually ends and if the universe is actually real or not as these two unlikely characters go through some rather crazy adventures.

BoJack Horseman

Currently, on its fourth season, BoJack Horseman takes on political events, pop-culture and other day-to-day topics. It follows the story of BoJack who is a half horse and half human dealing with a range of mental issues such as depression, trauma, addiction and self-destructive behaviour. While serious at times, most of the show is light-hearted with heavy adult undertones.

The Hollow

Three teenagers awaken in a room with no memories of themselves or each other. They now need to find out what in the world happened to them and how did they ended up where they are. They encounter various characters such as the Grim Reaper himself as they slowly uncover the truth about the world they are in and their own “special abilities” which they somehow inherited.

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