Smartphones are great and have vastly improved and simplified our lives. But before smartphones we used to do certain things very differently:


Used Maps

Before we had smartphones (or GPSs) people had to use maps or print out the directions to the place. People used to have big map books they kept under their car seats and used these to somehow get to their destinations.

Today you just use one of the many mapping apps available for smartphones like Waze and Google Maps. These digital directions are way easier to use and you can even get info like traffic alerts and your ETA.

Waited By The Phone For A Call

Before we had mobile phones we used to use landlines. Some people would spend hours stuck to one spot catching up with friends or wooing a love interest.

Before Smartphones

Now we have all of our telephonic needs in the palm of our hands and everywhere we go. Smartphones can not only be used to make phone calls but you can video call people, send messages, etc.

Wore Watches

Some people still wear watches, but they’re either smartwatches like the Apple Watch or purely a piece of jewellery.

Nowadays when someone asks you what time it is you check your trusted smartphone. You can even check the weather on your mobile devices as well as other handy info like the date, your schedule, a calendar, a calculator, stocks, you name it you can find it on your smartphone.

Had Cameras

Do you remember having to get your film developed or having to upload your pictures from your digital camera onto your PC or laptop?


If you’re still into serious photography then you’ll probably still own a proper camera, but smartphone cameras have become so advanced that most people just use them as their primary cameras. It’s also way more convenient as you can snap a shot and immediately edit and upload your picture to your social pages.

Used PCs For Facebook And Email

There was a time where you didn’t just quickly update your status or reply to an email from your smartphone. We used to use our PCs and laptops way more for tasks that we now easily perform on our smartphones.

Before smartphones you would usually use your PC or laptop to check your email, to access your Facebook page, do online shopping, write reviews, etc. Now smartphones can perform most tasks your standard PC or laptop can and sometimes even better.

Bought CDs

If you’re a music lover chances are you still have a bunch of CDs lying around collecting dust next to a CD player. Nowadays you can easily (and clutter-free) buy, download, store, stream and listen to your entire music collection right on your smartphone.

Apple Music

Buy Books And Read The Newspaper

Some people still enjoy having real books or the smell of newspaper or something nostalgic like that. But many people now get their morning news updates from their smartphones. It’s also way more convenient having your entire book library on your small and compact smartphone with you anywhere any time. On the flip side, a real book’s battery can’t die.