Once a movie ends many will get up and go as soon as possible. But if you like to stick around until the end then you may have seen these five end credits scenes that are almost better than the movies:

SPOILER ALERT: There might be spoilers regarding plots and twists in this post.

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Guardians of the Galaxy

This epic, CGI-heavy movie about a bunch of intergalactic scoundrels who group together to do good features some famous stars like Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana. But Rocket Racoon and his simple side-kick Groot stole the show.

If you stuck around to watch the end credits you will be delighted to see that the lovable Groot makes it and is but a mere happy sapling.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The Harry Potter movies are usually rather serious and dark so it’s refreshing to see a little funny easter egg at the end of the second movie.

Napoleon Dynamite

If you didn’t stick it out for the end credits in this hilarious pop culture hit, then you missed the wedding of the century.

Napoleon even rides a horse. Lucky!

Free Willy

If you didn’t grow up loving Free Willy then a) you’re either too young/old or; b) you’re heartless.

One of the most iconic closing scenes of all time is when Willy swims off to freedom with Michael Jackson’s Will You Be There playing him out.

Anchor Man

The outtakes are sometimes the funniest parts of the movie. Anchor Man is super hilarious and the outtakes are worth sitting through the credits for.

Are there any end credits you’ve loved from other movies? Drop us a comment below and let us know which ones have been your favourites.

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