If you’re ready to have a baby, and you’re keen on speeding up the process (however, fun it might be), then using fertility gadgets could help you get that bun baking.

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These fertility gadgets are great for any woman who wants to fall pregnant. Unfortunately, these fertility gadgets aren’t magical devices that are guaranteed to give you positive results, so it’s always a good idea to visit a health care professional and get a health check-up and tips on fertility.

If you’re looking for some extra help then be sure to check out these fertility gadgets.


Ava is a fertility tracker which tracks valuable fertility healthy information like:

  • Menstrual and ovulation cycle;
  • Heart rate;
  • Body temperature;
  • Sleep cycles; and
  • Stress levels.

What sets Ava apart from other fertility gadgets, is that it has been able to determine an average of five fertility days per cycle, claiming to double chances of conception every month.

Fertility Gadgets


It takes two to tango and to make a baby, so not all the fertility gadgets are focused on women. Trak is a male fertility tracker which lets you check your sperm count. If you have low sperm count, you can determine whether or not your lifestyle or habits might be affecting your swimmers.


Knowing your basal temperature is very important when you’re trying to fall pregnant because it can help you determine when you’re ovulating to enhance your chances of conception. Yono is one of the fertility gadgets which tracks your basal temperature but in a very discreet and hassle free way. The device is inserted into your ear before bed and then measures your temperature during the evening to assist in determining your ovulation patterns.


Every person who is trying to fall pregnant, and those avoiding pregnancy, need to use an app to track their cycles. Glow is a great free iOS and Android app which lets you log daily fertility data like sexual activity, physical symptoms, and much more. This is a great app to use together with fertility gadgets as you’re able to capture data like your basal temperature and accurately determine when is the best time to do the baby dance.

Have you used any fertility gadgets? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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