Google has become the world’s professor. Gone are the days of wondering who directed the Star Wars: The Force Awakens or what Pokémon GO is, all you have to do is conduct a quick Google search to find answers to any of your questions.

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Some Google search histories can be a bit weird and maybe even kinky, so we tend to delete them to hopefully be forgotten forever. But if you’d like to go back and see which of life’s questions you’ve been pondering, or what kind of fetishes you favourited back in the day, you can look at your entire Google search history. Even the Google search history you thought you had deleted forever.

Google Search

If you visit My Activity and log into your Google Account, you’re entire Google search history will be laid out before you. You can see what each Google search was for as well as the date and time when they were made. You’re even able to search for Google searches within this Google search history database if you want to go all Googleception. You’re given a breakdown of how many Google searches were preformed on a specific date and what kind of Google search you did, like a News or Image search.

The reason why Google is saving all of this data, is to ensure your Google experience is unique and catered to your needs. If all of this creeps you out a bit, you’re able to delete certain items or entire topics and you’re even able to see what data gets associated with your account.

Google has grown into one of the largest tech giants in the world. Its search engine is one of the most recognisable websites in the world, with billions of people performing a Google search right now. In fact, Google handles around 2 trillion searches per year. In theory Google processes 63,000 searches every second, when looking at it from a 2 trillion search per year perspective. That is 3.8 million every minute, 228 million an hour, 5.5 billion a day, and 167 billion a month.

Drop us a comment with an embarrassing Google search you’ve performed back in the day.

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