We have shared our best Netflix shows to watch if you are a mom, gamer, dad, businessman, and even lover but what about if you are a music lover? These Netflix movies and shows will leave you remembering the good times or just with insight into bands and genres you had no idea existed.


Rapture tells the story of rap music through eight hip-hop artists that include Nas, T.I, A Boogie and more. The movie highlights the pressure these artists are under with fame and their impact on global culture. It touches on family life and even their struggles as they try to live a normal life while selling out entire stadiums for shows.

What Happened, Miss Simone?

Nina Simone lived a beautiful life filled with honesty, love and fearlessness. The movie takes you through her life as she faced many obstacles such as racism, violence, mental illness and more. Best of all it showcases her rise to fame through her powerful music with songs like Mississippi Goddam and To Be Young, Gifted and Black.

How The Beatles Changed The World

Everyone knows them. The Beatles changed the world without a doubt and this documentary features rare footage of the journey the band took as they become one of the greatest and most popular bands of all time. The documentary also touches on the darker side of the band with drugs, sex and inside management corruption. Most of all it is about their legacy.

Hip-Hop Evolution

Instead of focusing on current trends, this docuseries covers the early hip-hop era from its foundations in New York in the early 1970s. The show follows the journey of the likes of Doug. E Fresh, Warp 9, Kool Herc and much more and how they laid the foundations for music today. This is every music lover’s dream.

Tokyo Idols

Music in Japan is very different from what we know and artists who make it big there face massive amounts of fame to the point where it becomes dangerous. Tokyo Idols details the recent trend of stalkers who confront their favourite stars and sheds light on challenges the industry has when it comes to star obsession.

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