If you are looking for the darker side of Netflix documentaries then we have you covered. These Netflix documentaries will leave you questioning humanity itself as they showcase crazy people, crazy places, and crazy things.

Amanda Knox

This disturbing documentary follows the events around Amanda Knox who was convicted in 2007 for the murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher. It also shows Amanda fighting the justice system as she was accused and ultimately acquitted by the Italian Supreme Court. While we will never know what really happened, the documentary is chilling to see how it was all handled.

 The Keepers

This dark documentary follows the story of a murder in Baltimore of Sister Catherine Cesnik. Some people called it a supernatural phenomenon while others called it revenge. While the truth is still a mystery today, the events will leave you questioning everything you get told about the unfortunate murder.

The Nightmare

We have all heard about sleep paralysis before and The Nightmare is a documentary that touches on the strange phenomenon. What happens to a person when they are trapped between sleeping and awake? Maybe this documentary will shed some light on that.


This is not for the faint-hearted at all. Rats not only aims to educate you on the animals themselves,  but more touch on how they have become one of the strongest rodents in the world and how our very existence could end before they do. It also touches on how these animals manage to survive in almost any environment and even some of the most catastrophic events in history. It’s one of the creepiest Netflix documentaries out there.


With the world’s population ever-growing, Rotten travels deep into the food supply chain worldwide. This documentary seeks to reveal the hidden secrets and truths behind what we eat and what forces are behind the steroid-induced fruit, overfed chickens and the money-making side of it all. It will open your eyes to what we consume on a daily basis and the money sharks that get away with terrible things.

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