When you sell a car you not only open up a lot of space in your garage, but you could also potentially make some extra cash. We’ve put together 7 easy tips to help you sell a car:

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1. Paper Work

Before any transaction takes place to sell a car, it’s important to get the paperwork in order.

You will need to locate the following documents and information before you can sell a car:

  • Proof of ownership;
  • Valid license disc;
  • A duplicate copy of your car’s registration documents, which you can get at your local council when you take your ID.

2. The Book

Find your service and warranty books (usually located in the cubbyhole) and make sure it’s up to date.

3. Service History

It can add value when you want to sell a car to have a documented full-service history. It also makes your car more appealing to buyers as it’s proof that you’ve made the effort to maintain your car.

4. Service It

If your vehicle is due for a service then it’s important to have it serviced to enable you to present the potential buyer with a documented full-service history (as described above).

5. Fresh Tyres and Bodywork

To make the car look more appealing ensure that your tyres aren’t worn and replace them if they are. Fix dents and polish scratches to improve the overall look of your car.

6. Deep Clean

Take out all the stuff that has accumulated in the various nooks and crannies of the car you want to sell. Be sure to check the cubbyhole, under the seats, in the doors, in the cupholders, the boot and any other space where stuff could’ve gathered.

Once you’ve done a bit of housecleaning then it would be a good idea to invest in getting your car valeted to ensure that everything is cleaned thoroughly and the interior can be steam cleaned.

7. Get Roadworthy

A Roadworthy Certificate doesn’t cost so much, but it can add a lot of value to when you want to sell a car. A potential buyer can have peace of mind that the vehicle you wish to sell is safe to drive on the roads.

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