Ah, teenage angst can be pretty entertaining. There is a ton of awesome teen movies and shows you can watch with your friends or family on Netflix right now.

13 Reasons Why

A Netflix hit and one every teen could relate to. The series follows 17-year-old Jay Jensen whose friend, Hannah Baker committed suicide due to the pressures of being a teen. Hannah detailed the reasons why she committed suicide and the show touches on some heavy issues. Netflix warns audiences before every episode about the content depicted in the show.

17 Again

This hilarious movie stars Matthew Perry and Zac Ephron who switch bodies. You’re sure to relate to this one if you’re a teen or a parent of one or you just want a good laugh.


A modern-day adaptation of the beloved Archie Comics. The series follows Archie Andrews’ life in the small town of Riverdale and explores the darkness hidden behind its seemingly perfect image

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Everyone loves the story of turtle mutant teens that fight crime and eat a lot of pizza. This 2014 movie features the tantalizing Megan Fox as a reporter, April O’Neil, who investigates a crime wave. Her whole life changes when she meets the four crime-fighting, pizza-eating teens.

On My Block

All teens need friends to help them get through the dramas of high school and coming of age. On My Block is the teen show for anyone who loves friendship and to see people supporting each other.

Mean Girls

Every teen should watch this movie. A girl, who has spent most of her life in Africa, joins a school run by a group of mean girls. She fake befriends them, but then turns into one of them and a whole lot of drama ensues.

Which movies and shows are you currently watching on Netflix? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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