TV show characters play a huge part in the success of a show as they are responsible for telling the story. But certain TV show characters aren’t even ever seen and you’re either only told about them by the onscreen TV show characters or you’re given hints of them throughout the show like their voices or seeing parts of them. We’ve broken down 5 TV show characters you never get to see (or only later revealed) in some of your favourite shows.

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Friends: Ugly-Naked-Guy

TV Show Characters

We’re constantly reminded what creepy TV show characters the cast of Friends were by their spying on the man that lived across the building from Monica and Rachel. The audience is only shown Ugly-Naked-Guy partly when the gang thinks he might be dead and they make a long poking stick out of chopsticks. He later exists the show and Ross moves into his apartment.

Big Bang Theory: Mrs. Wolowitz

You might never get to see Howard’s mom, but you hear her loud and clearly when she shouts things to Howard. These things are usually hugely inappropriate. We’re only once briefly given a glimpse of this loud, yet illusive character when she shuffles past the door in the background. Sadly, Carol Ann Susi, who portrayed Mrs. Wolowitz passed away, with the show also sending off one of the loudest and most beloved TV show characters ever.

Will & Grace: Stanley Walker

We’re maybe shown a foot or hand or back of the head, but other than that Stanley Walker is another one of those TV show characters you never see or hear onscreen. We’re only told repeatedly by his wife, Karen Walker how unattractive Stanley Walker is.

How I Met Your Mother: The Mother

For 8 seasons the mother in How I Met Your Mother is one of the most mysterious TV show characters ever. Her identity is finally revealed in the final season, but before that the mother was never seen, although the story technically centered around her.

Gossip Girl: Gossip Girl

The show’s narrator and namesake, Gossip Girl feeds us all the juicy details of Manhattan’s most elite brats. Although she/he offers us an honest insight into some of the most controversial TV show characters, we’re always trying to guess who this ever-present character could be. It’s finally revealed who the one was to dish all the dirt on the other TV show characters in the last season of the popular TV show.

BONUS: Home Improvement: Wilson Wilson, Jr.

TV Show Characters

We’re never shown Wilson’s full face, but rather he is always cleverly hidden behind a fence or a fish or something.

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