It’s time to dig up all those vintage toys you’ve been saving for no reason or to secretly cuddle when you’re sad because they could make you money. Mobile games like Pokémon GO and the release of reboots of classics like Ghostbusters have made people nostalgic. Some people’s nostalgia has lead to them spending a ton of money on vintage toys to relive their beloved childhood moments.

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South African online trading site, Gumtree has seen an increase in listings of nostalgic toys like matchbox car sets, Star Wars memorabilia, dollhouses, figurines, etc. According to Head of Marketing at Gumtree SA, Claire Cobbledick, if your vintage toys are in good condition they could be worth a pretty penny on sites like Gumtree and its parent site, eBay.

To show just how important it is to take care of your vintage toys, check out these top 5 vintage toys that are being sold on Gumtree and eBay.


Vintage Toys

Furbies were huge in the 90s and lived in most girls’ rooms with sometimes a ton of other Furby friends. These adorable soft vintage toys who spoke Furbish are selling for around R450 each on Gumtree.

Pokémon Playing Cards

Vintage Toys

With the popularity of Pokémon GO, the world has revived and started a new obsession with everything Pokémon. Pokémon Playing Cards are especially popular at the moment and are selling for up to $10 000 for a set on eBay.


Vintage Toys

Before we were obsessed with our smartphones we were obsessed with raising virtual pets. These vintage toys were huge in the 90s and everyone at the time was spending their days feeding, playing with and taking care of their virtual pets. If you’ve held on to your Tamagotchi all these years then you could score up to R850 for selling yours on Gumtree.

Game Boy Color

Vintage Toys

Nintendo is all about nostalgia and if you have one of these vintage toys lying around you can score up to R2 000 selling it on Gumtree.

Rubber Smurf Dolls

Vintage Toys

Chances are a Smurf doll is one of your vintage toys you have collecting dust somewhere. If you have a few of these blue dolls lying around you might be able to make a decent amount of money as one of these vintage toys are listed at R90 on Gumtree.

Drop us a comment and let us know what vintage toys you’ve held on to through the years.

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