Netflix is more than just a streaming service. It has changed the way we watch TV and look at entertainment by delivering a way to easily access media wherever we are in the world. Here are some ways Netflix changed the way we watch TV.

We Can No Longer Handle Ads

If you are a satellite TV subscriber you will know the trauma of watching your favourite show to only be interrupted by a banking advert right as things were getting intense. Gone are the days of dealing with this as if you watch TV through Netflix. There are zero ads, which means you can just watch TV without interruption. That also means that we have become very impatient when it comes to ads.

We Watch TV More Now Than Ever

With Netflix being a huge hit, came the rising popularity of binge-watching. We have all done it and we are guilty of wasting weekends away watching things we have already seen a dozen times before. Due to the lack of adverts on Netflix, the shows are shorter, because there are no ad breaks, which means for every episode we watch we save around 7-8 minutes of time. This means that for every three episodes we watch we get an entire episode worth of wasted time to fill in another binge episode of a show.

We Live By Streaming

The easy accessibility of Netflix means we can take it everywhere and if we are on holiday somewhere we can launch it up and watch our stuff using the hotel’s wi-fi. We have found ourselves doing this often as before you had to take your smart card with you and pair your decoder with your account. It was a chore. Now, we just log in and we are good to go making Netflix a perfect companion.

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