We know how it goes, you sit and watch a movie and you love it so much that you wish you could experience more of it. So much more that you want to play it and discover everything it has to offer that you did not see or the director did not get a chance to show you. These are the movie we would love to play the video game version of.

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Ready Player One

What better game to be turned into a movie than a movie set in a gaming world? Ready Player One is probably one of the best movies we have seen in a while. It’s set in a VR world where players travel across the biggest virtual world ever created to participate in activities and ultimately live a second life.

There are hundreds of lands to explore, cosmetic items that make your avatar look special and rare and expensive items to buy that have special effects on the gaming world. Sounds like an MMO dream right? Well, the movie is just a movie but it would make for the perfect game too. It would be an ambitious project but it would also be awesome to experience the world inside the movie. Collect loot, complete in awesome races, fights, shooting matches and more.

Guardians of the Galaxy

There is a lot of superhero movies that we could choose from when it comes to this topic, but Guardians of the Galaxy seems like it would be the best choice. The story is set in space – a perfect place to create infinite worlds to explore and things to do and the characters are loveable and have their own unique skills and personalities to deliver a diverse gaming experience.

Imagine an open universe experience where you could fly to almost any planet and discover its secrets, find loot and raid alien nests for treasure to sell on the black market which is on another planet you easily warp to? A few hidden Avenger lore hints here and there and perhaps a guest appearance of Iron Man? This is all making us want to open a video game studio just to create the game.

Aeon Flux

While Aeon Flux is a bit slower compared to the rest of the movies on this list, it would make for the perfect Quantic Dreams-like experience. Slow narrative-driven gameplay where the decisions you make will have an impact on the outcome of the story and the characters you meet along the way. Characters could die and be lost for the entire playthrough and choices could determine what options you have when it comes to dialogue.

The 25th century setting of the movie would also give the game room to create things that are not possible in 2018 and ways to spin the story and items you interact with. It would make for an enjoyable experience as you try to uncover the truth behind the dwindling population due to a deadly virus.

The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods is a fantastic horror movie that took all horror movies and put a spin on them. It left us questioning everything. The movie is basically about a cabin that is procedurally generated depending on the actions of the people inside. What they did would spawn a different monster that tries to hunt them down and kill them.

In theory, if the movie was a game it would be the same thing. You would have to try to survive all the different threats that could possibly end your life depending on the routes you take and the items you choose. It is almost like every other game out there that makes use of the rogue-like genre. You will take on the challenge and each time learn more about the dangers that await and how to face them. Best of all, it would also be a freaking scary horror game.


Zombieland still stands as one of the best zombie movies ever made (next to Shawn of the Dead of course). What makes it so good is how the characters and world come to life and keeps you wondering what else is out there and what other people could possibly be alive with their own stories and adventures to tell.

It also helps that the movie is hilarious, so it would take the seriousness of the whole zombie apocalypse out of the experience. We have nothing against the likes of The Walking Dead but sometimes you just want to take a grinder, strap it to a baseball bat and smash some zombies into the ground without worrying about the choices you are making and someone’s feelings. The casual stance of the movie would also make for a fun and relaxed gameplay experience as you explore an open world, kill zombies, get loot and make some friends along the way.

The Hunger Games

While we are quite aware of how big the Battle Royale genre has become in gaming, they all still fail to give you that feeling you get when you watch The Hunger Games. It is last man standing where hiding away and keeping safe in a tree for hours could be the only option. These battle royale games are just shooting like a crazy person with very little strategy and that is where The Hunger Games would change that.

A game where there is more threat to the player than just the other player. The environment is your worst enemy, sickness can happen, creatures can kill you and you can make alliances if you know the right people. Battle Royale games lack the drama we love from The Hunger Game series and to take that drama and put it into a video game would result in a fantastic mashup of emotions that would change the way you approached every match.

Which movies do you think would make good video games? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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