Sony recently announced a very fancy new PS4 Pro console to mark the 500 millionth PlayStation sale. Yes, the PlayStation brand has sold 500 million units across the original PlayStation, PS2, PS3, PS4 and the handheld consoles. Congrats, Sony! But what does this console mean for gamers and when has Sony done something similar in the past? Let’s take a look at the rarest and most expensive PlayStation consoles ever made.

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PlayStation 4 Pro 500 Million Edition

Most Expensive PlayStation ConsolesIt wouldn’t be a complete list of the most expensive PlayStation consoles without mentioning the latest addition to Sony’s collection. With only 50,000 models ever made, this $499 console was to mark the 500 million PlayStation device sales worldwide over 22 years of PlayStation. The PS4 Pro came in a translucent blue casing that looked great when it was turned on with its internals showing, a blue PlayStation Camera and a translucent DualShock 4 controller. The console had a copped bar in the front with a number out of 50,000 units to mark the edition you bought. It sold out within days of going on sale around the world and if you got one then you are one of 50,000 people.

PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition

Most Expensive PlayStation ConsolesUtilizing the original PlayStation console’s colour scheme, this 20th Anniversary console is even rarer than the PS4 Pro listed above. It was Sony’s celebration console and boasted a wide range of collectible features that made it anyone’s dream device. From its DualShock 4 controller with the PlayStation symbols etched into the touchpad to its old-school PlayStation log and its rare camera. The 20th Anniversary PS4 was also numbered with only 12,300 units ever made and if you bought one for $399, you would have boasting rights of what number you got thanks to the plaque on the front of it.

PlayStation 2 Automotive Console

Most Expensive PlayStation ConsolesJust like the PS4, Sony celebrated a load of consoles sold back in the day with a series of rare, vibrant-looking models. Dubbed as the “Automotive Collection” these PlayStation 2 consoles came in five different colours including Super Red, Metallic Silver, a fancy blue, Snow White and Bright Yellow. Each console was limited to 1998 units ever made with the red and yellow being the rarest of them all. These consoles also had a shiny plastic finish compared to the matte on the original console. You can find them for sale if you are willing to spend around $1,300 these days.

Midnight Blue Playstation

Most Expensive PlayStation ConsolesWhen Sony hit 10 million original PlayStations ever sold it was decided (again) to release something special – a Midnight Blue Limited Edition PlayStation Console. If you got hold of one of these then you are one in 300 people in the entire world. Yes, Sony only made 300 of these babies. With a dark blue exterior shell and a matching DualShock controller, this console was the rarest of the rare back in the nineties for obvious reasons. To make it even worse, Sony only actually released 100 of them into the market for sale with the rest going to staff. There is no pricing for it as no one has ever attempted to list it online. But it would probably be one of the most expensive PlayStation consoles ever sold if it did.

The Nintendo PlayStation

Rarest PlayStation ConsolesYes, you read that right, there is actually a Nintendo PlayStation. Back in the early nineties, Nintendo and Sony formed alliances to produce a hybrid console that would work with both discs and cartridges. The idea of the console was to take two brands and make one creation and it even looks like it was designed with that in mind. However, this console was never actually released as things went south and Sony and Nintendo parted ways to work on their own consoles. However, one console does exist today and it belongs to a father and son that randomly found it at an auction one day. It is the only model known to man and it has no price tag due to it being the Mona Lisa of gaming consoles. This is the rarest and probably the most expensive PlayStation console known to man.

24k Gold PS3 Console

Most Expensive PlayStation ConsolesWe all love gold but not to the extent where we would want our PS3 console to be gold too. Well, 5 people in the world were crazy enough to buy these extremely limited edition PlayStation 3 consoles valued at $5000 each. These are dipped in 24k gold and come with a 24k gold Dualshock 3 too. No, it is not spray painted, it’s actually gold. A company called took apart brand-new consoles and carefully dipped the exterior shells in the mineral. Something for the rich and famous, we guess.

Men In Black PlayStation

Rarest PlayStation ConsolesWhile the standard PlayStation consoles have been black for some years now, the original PlayStation was a grey shade instead. This meant that when Sony released a different colour, black being one of them. These units were extremely sought after. The Men in Black PlayStation was, well, black to suit the theme of the movie. There was nothing fancy to this console other than it being black with a giant “Men in Black” sticker slapped on the front of it, but people went crazy for it. While there are no exact figures as to how many of these were ever produced, it is known that they were sold out in a few hours.

PlayStation 2 50 Millionth Edition

Rarest PlayStation ConsolesLast on the list is yet another special edition console made to celebrate sales just to get more sales. The PlayStation 2 50 Millionth Edition came in a few metallic colours such as Aqua Blue, Metallic Silver and Sakura Pink and were extremely rare. They were only released in Japan and had a matching controller. While not as rare as the 20th Anniversary PS4 console, Sony did only make a few of these consoles which sold out pretty fast. To make matters worse, they were not sold outside of Japan which means if you did manage to import one, you were very lucky and could probably sell it in a few years time and make a few thousand in profit. Or you could just hang onto it and keep it in a cupboard as a collector’s item.

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Which of these rare and most expensive PlayStation console would you buy if you could? Drop us a comment below and let us know.