They say knowledge is power and Google is probably the most powerful search engine on the planet. But on top of basically being a genius, the search engine has some fun, useful and sometimes random tricks you might not have known about:

1. Learn How to Pronounce Big Numbers

Big numbers can be difficult to pronounce; even our president struggles sometimes. So before you need to say a big numerical amount type the number into the Google search bar.

2. Hit “I’m Feeling Lucky”

By hitting “I’m Feeling Lucky” which is located on the right hand side under the search bar, you’ll be given access to all of the old Google Doodles with which you can play around with. You can choose between categories of interactive and playable doodles as well as featured and historical doodles. My favourite one is the Pacman game.



3. Travel Through Middle Earth

Google created this interactive Middle Earth website in celebration of The Hobbit movies, which takes place in Middle Earth. The website lets you play through all five of the famous battles, explore the whole map at your own time in insane amount of detail and follow the stories of characters.


4. Converter

The converter function is really extensive and you can convert currency, weight, length, distance, time, etc. It’s a pretty useful and comprehensive function that you are bound to use often.

5. Timer

Who needs an Apple Watch or even a quirky egg timer when you have Google? If you enter any time into the search bar you’ll be presented with a countdown to the time you chose and you can even set an alarm for the chosen time, making it perfect for cooking and baking.

6. Translator

You can choose between tons of languages to translate and then there’s even an option to hear how to pronounce the word or phrase. All you need to do is search “Afrikaans to English” for instance and you will be given the option to translate basically any word you want.


7. Atari Breakout

Simply type “Atari Breakout” into the Google Images search bar and you’ll be able to play the game and waste about 3 hours of your life. The game is very similar to Breakout and you are required to break down a brick wall with a ball.

8. Check the distance and travel time between cities

If you’re planning a trip between two different cities you simply need to type in for instance “Johannesburg to Cape Town distance” into the search bar and Google will provide you with the distance and travel time via car as well.

9. Play with LEGOs

If you love playing LEGOs you can do it anywhere thanks to With this website you can build LEGO around the world and you can check out what other people are building too.


10. Search “answer to life, the universe and everything

This trick isn’t really useful at all, but every geek should try it at least once. You may remember that 42 was the answer to life, the universe and everything in Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy franchise.