Not all video game movies are that terrific, so we thought we’d put together a list of video game movies we hope will happen in the future and actually be worth watching.

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Although we have already seen Overwatch’s characters in action in a few short animation clips, we cannot help but wonder what it would be like to sit through an entire full featured film. The clips show off amazing animations and effects, which makes it believable that the game could be close to a Hollywood styled movie.

If you did not know, Overwatch is based on a group of heroes called the Overwatch. The team was founded by the United Nations, 30 years into our future and was tasked with ending the war against god programs, known as the Omnic Crisis.

This setting already screams prequel as it would be really nice to watch how and when the Overwatch was formed. We would like to see the movie feature elements from the origin of all the characters, and maybe set up the plot for a traditional good versus evil scenario.


After playing Uncharted, one thing was clear, it would make one awesome Indiana Jones inspired blockbuster. The game is pretty much a movie already with its great cinematics as well as voice and motion acting. There are many different story lines to follow and plot twists won’t be difficult to created thanks to the extensive and action-packed franchise.


If there is anything that Destiny has not got right, it is its story. It is all over the place all the time and Bungie just failed to encompass the lore we fell in love with in the Halo series. We believe that if Bungie had to fix the story, it would do it best in a movie. We have seen in the past that the cinematics in the game are beyond spectacular, with intense space ship battles and unforgettable enemies. The trailers for the game were also on point, really showcasing the game’s intense shooting and expansive worlds.

Dark Souls

Enough with the shooting, we need a good old medieval movie with dragons and ferocious beasts, death and betrayal, also known a Dark Souls. The trilogy has always followed the same story line – an undead human must work his way through the lands and kill the lord at the end. Along the way there are various obstacles to face as the hero comes face-to-face with death itself.


As much as we love Fast and the Furious, we cannot help but imagine the possibilities of Forza video game movies. Forget the gangsters and shootouts, and make it about pure exhilarating races and championships.

We would love to watch a race through the icy roads of the Bernese Alps, or the city of Prague. Forza is all about cars, and the film should follow in the game’s footsteps as we get to see some of the greatest automotive machines in history.

Drop us a comment and let us know which video game movies you’d love to see in the future.

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