You may remember a while back that we posted about how Pixar/Disney movies are connected. We were shown how many little and big easter eggs lurk in exciting places in Pixar/Disney movies.

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Now we can see how the classics are connected. Disney movies have always given fans more than they can ever ask for, and it’s exciting to spot some of these easter eggs and references in Disney movies.

Little Brother From Mulan

Mulan has many animal companions and her dog is one of the cutest. But turns out Little Brother is quite the adventurer, because when he’s not helping Mulan finish her chores, he is exploring the jungle with Jane’s father, Professor Porter.

Disney Movies

Mrs. Potts And Chip From Beauty And The Beast

Mrs. Potts and Chip have had their fair share of adventure as you can see Terk from Tarzan playing drums on her, with a chipped tea cup sitting next to her.

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The Beast From Beauty And The Beast

The Beast might not have been your first choice as a child for a toy, but the Sultan (Jasmine’s father) from Aladdin certainly thinks the Beast makes for an excellent figurine.

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Sebastien From The Little Mermaid

The Genie from Aladdin pulls poor Sebastien from The Little Mermaid franchise from a cooking booking entitled “Royal Recipes”.

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Flounder From The Little Mermaid

One of the cutest fish in all Disney movies, Flounder is clearly a favourite. He shows up in one of the latest Disney movies to release, Moana as a drawing.

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Sven From Frozen

Frozen is probably one of the most successful Disney movies of our time and the characters are absolutely addictive. That’s why we loved spotting Sven, the massive reindeer from Frozen, in the new Moana movie.

Anna And Elza From Frozen

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Zootopia is one of the most easter egg-filled Disney movies out there. One of our favourite references is elephant Elza and Anna.

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Which easter eggs have you spotted in Disney movies?

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