We recently covered some influential gadgets which changed the course of history, but gaming gadgets weren’t included on the list. The video game industry is massive and it has arrived at this point thanks to the influential gaming tech behind it. Here is the top 10 most influential gaming tech of all time.

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10. PSVR

Influential Gaming Tech

VR has come a long way over the past few years. When it was first released as a mainstream device known as the Oculus Rift, it was something only the rich and famous could afford. Oculus had one downfall, its price and while it was an influential gaming tech, it was not until Sony decided to release its own PlayStation VR headset that VR truly boomed. It was affordable and every PS4 owner could use it without needing to buy anything but the headset.

9. Nintendo Wii

Influential Gaming Tech

If you use motion today for any sort of gaming then you have Nintendo to thank for that. After the mediocre success of the GameCube, Nintendo had to work on something that truly pushed the envelope in influential gaming tech. The Nintendo Wii took over millions of households worldwide as it offered a gaming experience that no other console had. Playing Tennis by flicking your wrist, turning Mario’s Kart wheel by rotating the controller. It was all new and awesome. It was such a huge success that both Sony and Microsoft attempted to replicate it by making their own motion gaming experience.

8. Sony PlayStation Portable

Influential Gaming Tech

Yes, Nintendo was doing the same thing with the GameBoy and DS but the PSP was better in every way. It acted as a portable gaming device, a walkman, internet browser and much more, making it one of the most influential gaming tech in mobile gaming. It was the stepping stones in mobile gaming and it was unchallenged for years until the 3DS was released.

7. Microsoft’s Xbox

Influential Gaming Tech

Sure, the PS2 was a big hit and it did much better than the first Xbox but the idea behind Microsoft’s first Xbox console was more than just a gaming device. It was designed to replicate a PC which is why it came with some heavy internal hardware, for the day of course. Two HDD slots, HD capability, fast built-in ethernet and much more. The original Xbox had so many cool features that many people had no idea was possible on a console. It also launched the introduction of Xbox Live, the world’s first console-based online service, something we all use today.

6. Sony PlayStation 2

Influential gaming Tech

It’s hard to fault this console given its massive success. Selling 158 million units in its lifetime, the console was many’s favourite home gaming device. Most importantly, the PS2 also ushered in the age of the DVD. Unless you were buying the console, DVD machines were pricey. The PS2 became more than just a gaming machine. Everyone wanted to make games for it and everyone wanted to own it which greatly contributed to it being one of the most influential gaming tech to date.

5. Apple’s Mobile Platform

So we know console gaming is a big deal, but what about mobile gaming? Back in the day, we had dedicated handheld gaming devices like the PSP and Nintendo DS. However, Apple came along and flipped the entire industry on its head when it revealed the iPod Touch and later the iPhone. These large-screened devices had a decent GPU in them that allowed for 3D graphics rendering on a mobile device. Imagine that!? Everyone loved the idea of gaming on your mobile device which then led to a large focus shift from dedicated handheld gaming devices to mobile gaming.

4. Nintendo Gameboy

Influential Gaming Tech

Nintendo has always been leaders when it comes to influential gaming tech. Back in the 90s, the company led the industry with the Gameboy. This bulky, dimly-lit device was every gamer’s must-own gaming device. It had all the cool games like Pokémon, Mario and much more. But its success was mainly due to there being nothing else around that could match it. It just had the perfect collection of games and although it was a tiny screen, it just worked. The success of the Gameboy led to Nintendo’s domination of the handheld gaming market up to today.

3. SEGA Dreamcast

Influential Gaming Tech

While the SEGA Dreamcast was the company’s last ever attempt at gaming hardware, it was also hugely successful and did things everyone else stayed away from. It was the first console to have 3D functionality (for a while before the PSOne arrived) and it allowed for online gaming. This was a huge feature for a console released in the early nineties. SEGA released it at a bad time and basically gave Microsoft the invitation to compete against them. No, really. The Dreamcast team was made up of Microsoft developers that helped implement DirectX into the console.

2. Sony PlayStation

Influential Gaming Tech

Being the first console to ever ship 100 million units, the original PlayStation released and swept the floor with its competition at the time being the Nintendo 64 and SEGA Dreamcast. Everyone wanted 3D visuals with an immersive world and Sony delivered this. Thanks to the ability to read discs which contained more data, Sony was able to create bigger and better gaming experienced unlike anyone else. The console gave birth to some of the greatest games in history like Final Fantasy VII and Crash Bandicoot and still stands today as one of the most influential gaming tech out there.

1. Nintendo Entertainment System

Retro Gaming Hardware

This list would not be complete without Nintendo’s boom, the NES. Right after the great gaming crash of 1983, Nintendo decided to give the world something new. Instead of plaguing the industry with rushed, overpriced games, the company released the NES. It turned out that the NES was everything we needed in the world and people loved it. They loved it so much that they bought it and they invested in the console. Thanks to its powerful internals, Nintendo was able to make magical gaming experiences and create characters we all know and love today.

Which influential gaming tech have you played around with in the past? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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