Every year, Apple releases a major software update for its devices, with this year’s iOS 12 having just been released.

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iOS 12 isn’t a dramatic update from its predecessor, iOS 11. However, there are some worthwhile features to look out for when you update your devices.

To update: 

Go to Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install.

iOS 12

Now that you’re running iOS 12, be sure to look out for these new features.

Faster Phones

iOS 12

One of the biggest new features iOS 12 brings to your devices, is a speed increase. With the new update, apps will launch 40% faster, the keyboard will launch 50% faster and the camera will launch 70% faster.

Screen Time

In a bid to help people spend less time staring at their screens, iOS 12 now brings a new tool called Screen Time.

iOS 12

With this new tool, you’re able to track and control how much time you spend on which apps and websites. It also allows parents to monitor and limit their children’s screen time.

Photos Update

There are now better search options within your Photos app to help you find your way through all your photos. You can now search via place, events, suggestions, etc. helping you find the photo you’re looking for easier.

The camera has also been updated. Portrait mode photos will now look better, thanks to the Camera generating a mask over a person, separating the person from the background.

Siri Update

Siri has gotten a major facelift. You can now create and customise shortcuts for Siri to do multiple things from one instruction.

Siri can also now translate phrases into 40 different languages. Siri has also gained more knowledge on things like celebrity facts, food information, motorsport, and finding your passwords.

iBooks Is No Longer

With iOS 12, iBooks now becomes Apple Books. But don’t despair, all of your previous purchases will still be available. The app has gotten a major design update and name change.

There are a ton of other iOS 12 features you can read about HERE.

Which new features are your favourite? Drop us a comment below and let us know how you’re finding the newly updated iOS from Apple.

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