Shadow of the Tomb Raider is probably one of the greatest Lara Croft adventures of all time which got us thinking. Lara Croft has been around for some time but how is she still one of gaming’s best female gaming characters?

With the likes of Alloy, Chloe, and Ellie being awesome lead female characters, Lara Croft has still managed to prove that she is more relevant than ever. We have put together five reasons why we think she still kicks ass better than ever.

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She’s Been Reinvented

Up to the 2012 release of Tomb Raider, Lara Croft was kind of pretty “meh”. Sure, she had her big bust and tight shorts but in terms of her character, she did very little to push the envelope. To be honest, Lara Croft would not be around today if it was not for her reinvention in 2012. It brought her character back to the drawing board and was recreated as the Lara Croft we have been adventuring with ever since.

Lara CroftIn today’s gaming standards, having a female in a game just because she is a female is not enough. Gamers demand more and Lara Croft is that more we got. Ever since then, Tomb Raider has been a deep and layered experience as we learn about Lara’s past, her darkness and of course build relationships with the people around her.

She Makes Tomb Raiding Fun

Lara Croft is not alone when it comes to adventure games. Some say that the Tomb Raider series has been playing catch up with the Uncharted series for years now but we believe that Lara Croft still holds her own. The Tomb Raider series has the extra little bit of “tomb raiding” that makes it more an adventure than anything else. If it is not exploring the jungles of Peru, it is climbing the snowy mountains of Siberia.

Lara CroftWherever Lara Croft goes, adventure and discovery follows and there is a magic about taking her to these gorgeous locations to discover cool things. Every piece of lore she dissects and explains to the player. The more we travel with her the more she, in a way, teaches us about the history of the lands and locations to visits. Most of all Lara Croft does not shy away from these adventures. She makes sure to dive right in, even while knowing the risks that come with the experience.

She Is Hardcore

Let’s be honest. There are very few female characters as hardcore as Lara Croft. We even get a bit squeamish watching the things she gets up to. Be it crawling through a pit of festering and decaying bodies, covering herself in mud to sneak around against muddy walls, or even pulling arrows out of her arms after being shot by enemies. Lara Croft simply does not care. Perhaps in the first 2012 release, these things got to her but we feel that she has evolved into a pretty kickass hardcore lady and she knows her limits, and they are pretty high.

Lara CroftLara Croft has been through it all and she has never once complained about it. If anything, she gets more driven in every game and any obstacle she faces can easily be overcome with a quick tool. A ledge too high to climb? No worries, Lara will just find boots that will help her shimmy up a wall over a hot lava put. No big deal.

She Is Determined

If you don’t know, Lara Croft is a millionaire, if not billionaire. The thing is, she refuses to sit at home and watch TV all day because she has the world to explore. In many Tomb Raider games, we have followed Lara Croft across the globe to all sorts of weird and wonderful locations as she tracks down her treasure and most of all tries to discover the truth behind a family secret. Nothing gets in her way and even when the danger becomes so real that she loses friends to it, she carries on. Lara CroftWe have to appreciate Lara Croft for being such a strong, determined character. Everything she has been through and everyone she has lost has given her more reason to power on rather than shy away from the threats. Did we mention she has also come back from the dead once? At the end of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation Lara Croft actually dies. No big deal though as she came back to life a few years later in a reboot.

Lara Is Relatable

Most of all, Lara Croft has become a very relatable character. Not because we also totally raid tombs, save the world and plunge ourselves off deadly cliffs but because she’s more human than ever. Take her first kill, for example. Back in the 2012 reboot, Lara Croft is forced to kill a human and it is one of the most heartbreaking moments for her. She tried to escape being molested by some crazy thug and in an attempt to save herself she had to make the call and pull the trigger. We all felt her pain and her weakness which is something we have all experienced. That feeling of “I cannot believe I did that”.Lara CroftLara’s character is deeply layered and even her relationships with the likes of Jonah makes us feel warm inside. The loss of her parents hits home with many people who also live without their mom and dad. Most of her adventures are driven by this will to prove something to her family name or just clear her father’s name. She is not just a shallow gaming character. She feels pain and wants to save those that cannot save themselves. This is something we all live by. The will and determination to help others and when the going gets tough, we stand strong and power through.

Tell us below why you love Lara Croft.

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