Movie phones are used to introduce interesting conversations in films. Some movie phones have caught our attention for being cool, high-tech or innovative. Other movie phones are remembered for how ridiculous they are.

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These are the most popular movie phones from our favourite films.

The Matrix

Movie Phones

This is one of the movie phones that was so popular that Nokia has decided to bring it back. What makes this one of the most famous movie phones is how cool and creatively it’s used in The Matrix.


Movie Phones

Derek Zoolander is one of the most ridiculously entertaining characters ever portrayed by Ben Stiller. He also probably has one of the smallest movie phones (and brain) of all time.

Pretty Women

Movie Phones

Luckily phones have gotten slimmer than some of the movie phones from back in the day. In this popular 90s movie starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, you see a massive phone that we once thought was really high-tech and cool. Now, no one in their right minds have these movie phones anymore.


Movie Phones

Who wouldn’t want a hamburger phone? Juno features one of our favourite and quirkiest movie phones of all time. What makes this movie phone even cooler is that it was used as part of the promotion for the movie where film critics and journalists were sent their very own hamburger phones.

Iron Man 2

Movie Phones

It was bound to happen that the Iron Man franchise would have some awesome gadgets that movie-goers would love. Iron Man 2 features one of the movie phones every one wished was real. This transparent smartphone was unfortunately created using CGI and doesn’t exist in real life.


Movie Phones

Every teenager of the 90s wanted to be like Cher Horowitz. This included her and her friends’ awesome flip movie phones. When portable phones were first released, everyone wanted a flip phone and these were obviously everywhere in this classic teen movie.

Which phones have you admired on the big screen? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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