Pokemon GO is still going strong over two years later but there are times when you are looking for something else to do that aligns with Niantic’s popular GO gameplay. If you are looking for Pokemon GO alternatives to play, then we have you covered. We have searched high and low and tested all these games out. They all managed to deliver a similar concept to Pokemon GO while offering a unique take on their own gameplay too.

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Some of these games do shamelessly copy Pokemon GO but they also offer unique gameplay experiences to set themselves apart from the highly successful game too. Check out these 5 Pokemon GO alternatives that you should download and play today.

Cats GO/Dogs GO

No matter if you are a cat person or a dog person, there is a GO version for you. Both Cats GO and Dogs GO delivers on the same AR experience that Pokemon GO made so popular. The game sees you catch dogs or cats in real life as you explore the world around you. There are unique breeds of dogs and cats to find, each with their own special abilities and looks. You use play toys to catch them and unlock special achievements for doing specific things in the game, such as walking a specific distance or catching a set amount of pets.

Pokemon GO alternatives

You can compare your collection with friends and see who has the best collection.

Download Cats GOAndroid | iOS

Download Dogs GOAndroid | iOS


Ingress actually came before Pokemon GO and used the same sort of concept to form its player base. It has a similar design where players traverse the real world while trying to capture points of interest transforming the real world into a digital landscape. The game uses the same locations as Pokemon GO as it is made by the same company too. So if there is a PokeStop in a location then it will most likely be an important landmark in Ingress too.

Pokemon GO alternativesThroughout the game, you will use your real location to discover and tap sources of a mysterious energy that is being leaked into this digital world. You will find objects that will aid your quest, deploy tech to capture territory and join teams with your friends to work together to take on the Resistance or the Enlightened, depending on who you choose. If you like the concept of Pokemon GO then you will find this one interesting too.

Download IngressAndroid | iOS 

Jurassic World Alive

Who would not love to explore their neighbourhood and catch some dinosaurs? Jurassic World Alive is the AR game based on the worldwide phenomenon, Jurassic Park. The dinosaurs have escaped from the island of Isla Nublar and now they are roaming free throughout the world. Your goal in the game is to save as many as possible by catching them and looking after them. You can raise the ones you catch to fight other dinosaurs, breed them to create unique new types of creatures and even set them off in a giant PvP battle arena to defend your name.

Jurassic Park AliveHunting is a lot of fun as the search system lets you track specific dinosaurs until you find their natural habitat. The game boasts a decent fighting system where you can challenge other players and other dinosaurs in the real world to a fight to earn XP and hopefully catch that specific breed. If you love dinosaurs and you love Pokemon Go then this could be the best of both worlds.

Download Jurassic World AliveAndroid | iOS 

Draconius GO

Draconius GO is by far the closest you will get to Pokemon GO without it being Pokemon. The game features 125 unique creatures to catch, raise, evolve and battle with and everything about it is almost identical to Pokemon GO. As you explore your real world you will come into contact with creatures that you can catch. There are a wide range of them with different abilities, elements and they all reward you with XP and Pokemon Candy-like objects to use to evolve them. You also catch them the same as you would a Pokemon which is great if you are a Pokemon GO veteran.

Pokemon GO alternativesThere are a few things that it does better than Pokemon GO. PvP battles can be initiated instantly as long as you are a high enough level and trading and quests are easier and a lot more fun to complete in the game too. It makes for one of the most Pokemon GO-like games on this list so if you want this then give it a try.

Download Draconius GOAndroid | iOS

Garfield GO

The best thing about Garfield GO is that it does not try and pretend to be something it is not. Even the site clearly states that if you like Pokemon GO or Geocaching then this game is for you. The game sees you go on a treasure hunt in the real world collecting coins and finding treasure chests. The AR in the game features a similar system that sees you throwing lasagne at Garfield as if they were PokeBalls.

Pokemon GO alternativesIt is also the only one of the Pokemon GO alternatives on the list to feature real-life rewards for playing it and finding treasures. You can earn some Amazon Gift Cards in certain countries if you complete challenges and find items. While the game might not be as popular as Pokemon GO, it is still a fun experience for a few weeks especially if you are a lover of that fat ginger cat.

Download Garfield GO AR Treasure HuntAndroid | iOS

Which Pokemon GO alternatives have you been playing? Drop us a comment below and let us know.