Retro tech might look cool in your local hipster coffee shop, but many of these glorious gadgets used to be considered cutting edge. With the last VHS factory to close down soon, we took a stroll down gadgets memory lane and reflected on our favourite retro tech.

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Floppy Disks

The floppy disk used to contain all of our data. With the introduction of CDs which could burn more data onto it, the floppy disk began its move into retro tech territory. By the time the USB took over the data duties of the world, the floppy disk had become a distant retro tech memory.

Retro Tech FD

If you look closely you can spot a floppy disk in our logo.


Retro Tech


We would record our favourite episodes of Dawson’s Creek and other 90s shows and music videos on these bulky black bad boys. But these retro tech gems have finally become extinct with the last factory having ceased production.

Sony Walkman

Retro Tech


It was everyone’s hip companion in the 80s and 90s. The Sony Walkman was the world’s iPod before it became retro tech and everyone forgot how to use real buttons.

Nintendo Gameboy

Retro Tech


This 8-bit beauty was once on every 90s kid’s Christmas wish list. This piece of retro tech used to be the front-runner in the handheld gaming market and created massive success for Nintendo, decades before the release of Pokémon GO.

Fax Machine
Retro Tech


Before you were able to quickly send off an email, people used retro tech devices called fax machines. You may see these lurking around lawyers’ offices, collecting dust and ripped up summonses.


Retro Tech


Before the smartphone or even cellphone was a reality, beepers were all the rage. These retro tech devices were adored by many 90s teenage girls who grew up taking tons of selfies and catching Pokémon.


Retro Tech


Before we were trying to capture Pokémon, we were taking care of virtual pets. For a while, everyone was obsessed with feeding, bathing, walking and putting to bed their digital dogs, cats and all other pixelated pets. These retro tech companions are apparently making a comeback.

Drop us a comment and let us know which retro tech devices and gadgets you still have lying around your house or lurking in the garage.

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