Not everything is always sunshine and rainbows in the gaming world. Sometimes video game companies do things and say things that damage them more than you could ever believe. Console sales drop due to a gaming convention, game sales dip due to a developer saying the wrong thing and there is no getting away from the fact that when you have everyone’s eyes on you, you best be careful what you say and do. These video game companies have learned that you need to be careful in everything you do. Here are times when video game companies failed the industry terribly.

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Nintendo Calls It The Wii U

While the success of the Nintendo Switch may be impressive, Nintendo had just come out of a darker time after the complete failure of the Wii U. You would think that with the word “Wii” in its name it would have been a success but that was not the case. Nintendo used some questionable marketing gimmicks during the announcement of the Wii U, one being very vague about its features and whether or not it was a new console or simply a new controller for the Wii.

Wii U

You see, Nintendo did release hardware for the Wii a few times during its lifecycle so when the Wii U came along and Nintendo did not specifically say “this is a new console” it left everyone very confused. Nintendo’s decision to call its new console the Wii U backfired, as it created worldwide confusion and led the company to sell a new console people thought was simply an addition to the old Wii for years. Nintendo did it right with the Switch but it has taken a long time to get there.

Microsoft Alienates Everyone Without Internet

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was one of the best consoles ever made and it was a huge success. So when the company announced the Xbox One, we all jumped for joy knowing that they would improve on everything we loved about the 360. Well, we wish that was the case. During the announcement of the console, Microsoft revealed that in order to use the Xbox One and all its features you would need to be connected to the internet at all times. The disc drive would also read a special serial number of your games so you could never share them or sell them once you had installed them onto your console.

It gets worse. Microsoft had quite a lot of backlash about this situation in which it proudly said that if users do not have internet they can buy an Xbox 360. The world was shaken by this statement which made Microsoft look like it only wanted gamers with decent internet to use the console and those who can afford the Xbox lifestyle. They did backtrack on basically everything that was announced, but many gamers jumped ship and went to PlayStation 4 instead.

Sony Wants A Fortune For The PS3

While Microsoft suffered a rocky launch for the Xbox One, Sony had a rocky launch for the PS3 back in the day too. Sony used to run its PlayStation brand a lot different compared to what we see today. It was all about sales numbers, figures and technical things and people hated it. During the PS3 announcement back at E3 2005, Sony took to the stage to reveal the console in all the wrong ways.

PlayStation 3

The announcement was brought down by unnecessary stats, a whole bunch of gimmicks that the PS3 had, and a heavy price tag. Sony announced that the PS3 would retail for a whopping $499 which back then was crazy considering even the PS4 is $299. To make matters worse, the console was delayed in the PAL regions due to a major stock shortage in the Blu-Ray drive. So even if you had the pocket of money you could not even buy the console. Sony may be killing it now with the PS4, but things were rough in the past.

EA Games Hit A New Low

EA Games is currently one of the most hated video game companies in the world. It all happened in 2017 when EA started hitting a new low. First, the company released a mediocre Mass Effect: Andromeda game that was simply horrendous. Bad animations, gameplay, dialogue and a weak story was a major let down for the game. It did so bad, that EA had to put the series on ice. If you think it could not get worse then think again.

Video Game Microtransactions

Later in 2017, EA released two games that had some of the worst microtransactions ever seen in video games. Both Star Wars: Battlefront II and Need for Speed: Payback featured terrible in-game purchases that changed the game from pay-to-play to pay-to-win. Gamers revolted against the studio so much, that EA had to release an update for Star Wars that removed the in-game purchases from the game. This after Disney put pressure on the company. It has now left the publisher with a lot of apologizing and a lot of respect to be earned.

SEGA Fails

If you have ever wondered why SEGA now makes games rather than video game consoles, then this should clear things up for you. SEGA has always tried to compete with other video game companies to produce the same thing but better. That did not always go its way. When the Nintendo’s Super Nintendo console released, SEGA made the SEGA Genesis. When the CDx was released, SEGA made the SEGA Saturn. It was a constant competition and it cost the company money.

SEGA Dreamcast

It was not until SEGA released the Dreamcast that the compaby finally felt the wrath of the competition. You see, Sony had the PS2 on the market and in an attempt to compete with it, SEGA releases the Dreamcast which was not as powerful as the PS2 but more powerful than the PS1. This left SEGA scraping the bottom of the barrel for support as everyone was moving into the Xbox/PS2/GameCube era and no one wanted SEGA anymore.

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