When you think of video game pets then the adorable Dogmeat from the Fallout franchise immediately comes to mind. But there are other video game pets that we have bonded with. These are some of our favourites.


D0g (Half-Life 2)

Video Game Pets 1

This robotic creature is Alyx Vance’s pet in Valve’s Half-life 2. D0g, like real dogs, is loyal and friendly, with the exception of being a deadly killing machine.

Pikachu (Pokémon)


Loyal, cute and voraciously strong – Pikachu is one of the most adorably deadly video game pets. Too bad Ash caught him first.

Dogmeat (Fallout)


We couldn’t make a list of our favourite video game pets without including Fallout’s Dogmeat. This companion is beyond loyal and truly proves that dogs are man’s best friend. Not only does he keep you constant company, he is also useful to ward off threats and enemies and will seek out supplies.

Yoshi (Super Mario)

Video Game Pets 2

Yoshi is one of those all-in-one video game pets. This green dinosaur is not only a loyal pet, but a reliable ride as well as a useful asset in combat.

Epona (Legend of Zelda)

Epona is Link’s trust steed and only answers to her own song called Epona’s Song. She has the ability to reach fast speeds and cannot be harmed during an attack.

Sims 4 Pets

The Sims franchise is particularly perfect at simulating the experience of having a real pet. Electronic Arts recently announced that players will be able to buy an expansion pack which will allow them to raise an array of video game pets like different dogs, cats, birds, and more. Players are required to fulfil the different needs of their video game pets like feeding them, playing with them, taking them to the vet, etc.

Video Game Pets

Which of the video game pets are your favourite? Drop us a comment below and let us know.