The Apple Watch Series 4 is Apple’s biggest redesign of the Apple Watch since it was revealed back in 2014. The Apple Watch Series 4 marks a new direction for Apple‘s wearable tech. There is a lot more going on under the screen than you think. While it may look like just another Apple Watch from afar, the magic of the device reveals itself as you explore its features.

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Here are 5 things the Apple Watch Series 4 can do that sets it apart from the past models.

New Screen With New Faces

Before we get into the technical side of the Apple Watch Series 4, we need to start with the display. Coming in new 44mm and 40mm sizes.

Apple has pushed the edges of this OLED watch to the borders of the screen to increase the screen space by 30%. This also means everything the Apple Watch does is bigger than ever.

This increase in the display, means that new Watch faces have been created to make use of this larger screen. One of these is the Infographic Modular face. This means that a simple glance at your watch will reveal the date, time, weather, UV index, calendar and much more.

Apple Watch Series 4But the Watch faces don’t end there. Apple has designed gorgeous new elemental motion faces that show off fire chasing across the screen, water swirling around and even liquid metal and smoke jumping around the display. These make for unique experiences on the Apple Watch Series 4. The new screen is a jewel on the new Series 4 and one of the best changes.

Improved Sensors

There are a dozen things going on under the hood that make the Apple Watch Series 4 the best Watch to date. The sensors have been improved to be more sensitive and read more accurately. The new motion sensors can even detect if you fall or trip. This means if you take a stumble, you will be able to alert your family and the Watch can make an emergency call for you to get help.

Our use with the Apple Watch Series 4 has proven to be a joy, as the overall tracking of our standing, walking, and workouts seem to be more accurately measured. Even those times when the old models would fail to read our wrist during intense workouts, have been a thing of the past. The new sensors are also light on energy, which means the Apple Watch Series 4 lasts longer than ever and battery drain during workouts has been reduced.

Apple Watch Series 4One of the Apple Watch Series 4’s signature features is a built-in ECG (Electrocardiogram). For those who don’t know what this is, it is the device used to measure your heartbeat and pattern. You would normally have to go to a clinic for this, but the Apple Watch Series 4 has it built in. While it is not available just yet, Apple will soon release a software update to turn this feature on.

S4 Chip = Speed

With every new device Apple releases, come new internal chips that improve the overall use of the device. The Apple Watch Series 4 has a new S4 chip inside that boasts the fastest Apple Watch experience to date and it is not lying. Everything on the device is smooth and faster. There are no loading times between apps and battery life is better than ever thanks to the chip’s new energy sufficient use.

Apple Watch Series 4The S4 chip also brings with it new features such as the ability to just raise your wrist and start talking to Siri without having to say “Hey Siri”. These speed improvements and better battery life are all done thanks to the new S4 chip. It’s a 64-bit chip over the past S3 chip which was 32-bit. If you did not use apps on your Apple Watch because it was just slow and irritatingly annoying then everything will change on the Apple Watch Series 4 as the new speed means things actually get done at a decent speed.

Battery Life

Now we know we have mentioned battery life a couple of times already but it deserves its own praise too. The Apple Watch Series 4 battery life is the best so far and that is saying a lot. Apple boasts an 18-hour battery life with the device but it has performed way more than that in our experience. Sometimes even going up to nearly 40-hours of life with one or two hourly workouts at the same time.

Apple Watch Series 4Finally, you can use the watch without having to worry about it dying on you by the end of the day. While it may take a little bit longer to charge compared to the past devices, the charge makes it well worth the wait and everything we threw at the Apple Watch Series 4, it handled.

The Small Things

While the Apple Watch Seris 4’s screen is the main feature here, the device has a range of great new design changes that while you may not notice them right away, make the device fantastic to use. Starting off with the new giant speaker which is louder than ever making phone calls and the new walkie-talkie feature easier to use. People will be able to hear you clearly when talking to your watch and any sound coming out of the speakers will be louder than ever.

Apple Watch Series 4The Apple Watch Series 4 also has new haptic feedback on the Digital Crown so when you turn it, the device gives off an ever so subtle click. It is a small feature but something so “Apple”. Last but not least, the entire Apple Watch Series 4 has been squashed down a bit, decreasing the thickness of the device. It now sits more flush on your wrist and makes for a more comfortable wearable compared to the past models.

Do you own a new Apple Watch Series 4 or would love to? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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