Big machines are usually created to do things that humans are physically incapable of doing. These monstrous machines sometimes need to do tough tasks and are, therefore, some of the biggest ever created.

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Here are some of the big machines out there to make you feel like a tiny weakling.

The Bagger 288 Bucket Excavator

Big Machines

Some of the big machines on earth can be dauntingly huge – like the Bagger 288 Bucket Excavator. It is considered to be the largest land vehicle, weighing 45 500 tons. This earth digger is used to mine coal and is roughly 215m long and stands 95m tall.

The Prelude

Big machines aren’t always found on land. The Prelude is a massive floating liquified natural gas (FLNG) ship, created by Royal Dutch Shell. Earlier this year, the Prelude FLNG project reached a milestone, by leaving the Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard in Geoje, South Korea and starting its 5 800km journey across the ocean to Australia where it will extract and liquefy natural gas at sea.

The Overburden Conveyor Bridge F6

Big Machines

Dubbed the biggest movable machine in the world, the Overburden Conveyor Bridge F6 is 502m (that’s half a kilometer!) long and weights 13 600 tons. It is located in Germany and used to carry coal.

NASA Crawlers

NASA’s crawler-transporters have been responsible for safely getting NASA rockets and spacecraft to the launch pad for over 50 years.

Big Machines

These big machines continue their legacy as the “workhorses” of NASA’s space program as part of the agency’s journey to Mars. These big machines will be modified to transport NASA’s Space Launch System and Orion Spacecraft to their pads for launch into space exploration missions.

Big Machines

The Large Hadron Collider

Big Machines

Big machines sometimes have complex and important jobs, like the Large Hadron Collider. It is the world’s largest piece of machinery and runs along a 27-kilometer tunnel beneath the ground near Geneva, Switzerland.  It took 10 years to build and aims to allow physicists to test various theories involving particle physics and possibly solve other unresolved physics questions.

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