Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 releases this Friday, 12 October 2018 and we cannot be more excited for it. The Black Ops series is the only COD series that matters in our book. Here are a few reasons why we think Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be the best in the series to date.

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Bring Back The Modern Day

While Black Ops 4 lacks a solid single-player mode, its modern/future tech vibe is everything we want from a shooter this year. We have had enough of the olden day World War-based shooters, with Battlefield V being released next month. Black Ops 4 is the break we need from these types of games. Last year’s Call of Duty: WWII was set in World War II. Black Ops 4 will cure that World War fatigue we have been suffering from for the past 12 months.

Like we mentioned before, Black Ops 4 will not have a single player mode. But never fear. Black Ops 4 will have a mission-based experience where you can test out all the Specialist classes in the game and get accustomed to how they play and work.

Battle Royale = Blackout

For those of you who don’t know, Black Ops 4 will feature its very own Battle Royale mode. Why is this a big deal? Well, it is the first time in the Call of Duty series that a release will offer a completely different PvP mode apart from the usual Team Deathmatch, Control and side-based matches. Dubbed as “Blackout”, Developer, Treyarch has pumped a lot of time and effort into the mode’s presentation and map. The game mode will see 80 players land on a giant map and you and your team need to survive for as long as possible and be the last man or squad standing.

Blackout is everything we have ever wanted from a Battle Royale mode and we cannot wait to dive into the action. You will be able to find gadgets, guns and vehicles throughout the map which will enhance the player experience as you explore this huge setting. It is all about playing cleverly and making use of the various ecosystems and environments to survive and fight back. Of course, luck also plays into the game as you need to find the best weapons and gadgets in boxes around the game in order to be able to fight threats that you face. Every match promises to deliver a unique experience.

Multiplayer Redefined

With the lack of single player on Black Ops 4, the game relies on PvP to push the experience further. Black Ops 4’s PvP has taken a slower approach with simplified skill loadouts and the return of the Specialist classes. Multiplayer is much slower too as the game is now 100% boots on the ground. This means no double jumping, no jetpack and no gliding in the air at all. This means PvP is slower but works better as gameplay is more strategic than ever. Treyarch swapped out the speed for gameplay mechanics and it works very well.

Health bars are now a thing and your health can be refilled with specific abilities. Gadgets are class-specific which means that you will learn to love specific Specialists and master them and their abilities. Each one will have a different feel to them and the way you approach each match will also change depending on the one you choose.

Check out the Specialist classes below:

  • Ajax – A Breacher with a ballistic shield and tactical 9-Bang grenade.
  • Battery – A Demolition expert with war machine grenade launcher and cluster grenade.
  • Crash – A Healer with a TAK-5 medical kit and assault ammunition pack.
  • Firebreak – An Area denial with flamethrower and reactor core.
  • Nomad – A Nature-lover with a dog and tripwire-equipped explosives.
  • Prophet – A Hunter with a tactical rifle and player-seeking shock mine.
  • Recon — An Intel operator with vision pulse and sensor darts.
  • Ruin – A Rusher with a “gravslam” attack and grapple gun.
  • Seraph – A Tactician with a high-calibre revolver and deployable beacon.
  • Torque – A Defender with barricade and razor wire.

Last but not least, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has introduced new Signature Weapons. These weapons work the same as standard ones, but have specific and unique skins to them and can be enhanced even more by completing challenges. Once you fully unlock the weapon’s cosmetic look and feel, you will earn a Masterwork weapon that you can flash to the world and make everyone jealous of your achievements. These weapons will be a heavy drive in making Black Ops 4’s multiplayer a grind, in a good way.

Zombie Mode Is An Entire Game

The previous Call of Duty titles had great Zombie Modes but they always felt like an afterthought. In Black Ops 4, the zombie mode feels almost like an entire game by itself. Black Ops 4 will have three separate Zombie campaigns at launch with each of them offering a unique experience from the other. Blood of the Dead, Voyage of Despair and IX. Starting with Blood of the Dead. This takes place in Alcatraz Prison where players need to survive the undead while discovering the secrets of the laboratory inside the prison.

Voyage of Despair is set in a doomed Titanic ship in 1912 where all the people aboard the vessel are turned into the living dead and are obviously hungry for human flesh. Last, but not least is IX, which takes place in Rome. The best part about this campaign is that there will be no weapons. You will have to do it like the Romans did and fight with swords, shields and other handheld weapons.

The Zombie Mode this year will offer the same awesome online experience as well as split-screen co-op too. You can also customize your gameplay experience by choosing difficulties, and various game settings to tailor your zombie gameplay to your liking. Best of all, you can decline a mystery box and let a friend take it. This is something we have all been waiting for.

What are you most excited to do in Black Ops 4 first? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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