Individuals are offered an assessment of skills that are of industry-leading quality by Microsoft Office certifications. Both students, as well as, professionals, gain knowledge through project-based testing so that they get some real experience, which appraises the understanding level of candidates regarding Microsoft Office. This proves that the user who carries a certification has complete knowledge about the functionality and the features of Microsoft Office. The Microsoft Office certifications also help candidates to prepare for future academic or career opportunities.

The Recognition Received by the Microsoft Office Certifications

The candidates who are either in the workforce or are students are provided with the power to fulfill their goals by charting out their course. This also helps them to realize their potential. Several pieces of research and studies have proved that these Microsoft Office certifications offer the necessary tools required to develop a better future and a brighter career which might bring success in life.

Why Should You Consider Applying for Microsoft Office Certifications?


  • This is a certification that is recognized by the industry;
  • It assists in learning the computing skills that are most often necessary when applying for jobs;
  • It boosts the resume of a candidate;
  • It helps a candidate to outshine other applicants at the workplace;
  • Candidates gain self-confidence and experiences that will prove to be valuable in the long run;
  • It will increase the earning potential of a candidate;
  • It assists candidates to prepare themselves for a bright future.

Do Microsoft Office Certifications Have an Expiry Date?

Microsft Office certifications are permanent once earned, hence they don’t have an expiry. However, there is a tag that comes with the Microsoft Office certifications that states the year of earning it. The Microsoft Office certifications courses are updated on a regular basis and do not retire.

Few Tips That Will Assist in Passing Microsoft Office Certifications Exams

  • Candidates must know only things that are required to be known;
  • Candidates must remember that the Microsoft Office certifications exams are very tough and must prepare accordingly;
  • Taking notes from genuine resources is important;
  • Practice is important and could help candidates pass the Microsoft Office certifications exams;
  • Candidates must relax before taking the exam;
  • Candidates must invest time in preparation in a well-planned manner.

The Best Ways To Earn The Microsoft Office Certifications

The Microsoft Office certifications can state whether a candidate is completed one or more than one of the Microsoft Office programs. This certification from Microsoft Office helps a worker to prove her proficiency and skills in different Microsoft Office programs. There is no restriction in earning more than one certification in Microsoft Office programs like PowerPoint, Excel or Word. The candidates can either consider preparing by self-guided training or can join a workshop or any formal course provider. Candidates do not require a degree to take the Microsoft Office certifications exams.

Following are some effective steps that can assist a candidate in earning Microsoft Office certifications.

Basic Computer Skills

It’s a must to have basic skills and knowledge about the computer before an individual opts for the Microsoft Office certifications course. The candidates require training in operating systems and Microsoft programs in order to get Microsoft Office certified. Candidates can get enrolled in basic computer courses in case they don’t have much knowledge on a computer or have little computer skills. They can even join in a program that will assist them to gain specific skill like using the internet.

Microsoft Office Courses

Candidates must consider joining PrePaway and ExamSnap Microsoft Office courses. Candidates can do self-study and learn using Microsoft Office programs; however, workshops and college-level courses train at the professional level. They offer training to candidates about the proper ways of using the features of Microsoft office programs. This information is normally included in the Microsoft Office certifications exams. The courses offered at universities as well as colleges cover different skill levels like basic, advanced and intermediate.

Selecting A Suitable Certification Program

Candidates must select a particular program in which she wants to get certified. It is up to the candidates to choose from the list of programs. One candidate can earn Microsoft Office certifications in all programs. However, they have to pass a different exam for each of the programs.

The Microsoft Office Word certification is most useful for workers who build documents or update them such as invitations, newsletters, manuals, press releases, etc. The Microsoft Access program is best for those who work in the creation and management of databases. An individual who has to deliver a presentation on a regular basis must consider earning a PowerPoint certification.

Appearing For The Exam

The ultimate step is to take the Microsoft Office certifications exams. The test centers conducting the Microsoft Office certifications exams are authorized by Microsoft itself. The time limit of the certification exams is 90 minutes for each exam. The candidates are given a task which they have to complete using appropriate tools present in that particular program.

Assistance Offered By Microsoft Office Certifications Exam Dumps

The Microsoft Office certifications exams are tough, and a candidate needs to have proper notes, practice test questions and exam dumps from PrePaway and ExamSnap are needed to study and learn new skills. Thus these test dumps are helpful as they assist in the preparation of the exam. 

The results are delivered immediately after a candidate finishes the exam. The candidates who manage to pass the exam are recognized as officially certified, and they will receive their certificate over mail. Candidates who are unsuccessful are offered the opportunity to re-appear for the exam by challenging their incorrect marked answers. Not all jobs require the Microsoft Office certifications, but this certification definitely boosts the career of candidates.

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