Not all movies are thought out meticulously and sometimes movie plot holes slip through the cracks.

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Some movie plot holes are so glaringly obvious that it’s hard to unsee them.


Movie Plot Holes

One of the most beloved movies for any 90s teenager. Our minds might have been distracted by the drama and romance of this 1998 movie, but it contains one of the most obvious movie plot holes in the whole universe- it would be easier to train astronauts to driller, than to teach drillers how to be astronauts. Apparently, when Ben Affleck (portrayed the role of AJ) pointed this out to director Michael Bay he was promptly told to shut up.

Man of Steel

Some scenes in the movie show Henry Cavill’s Superman with a beard and others show him as clean shaven. It would be impossible for any razor blade on Earth to shave Superman, making it one of the obvious movie plots that could have been spotted and taken out easily.

Movie Plot Holes

Toy Story

Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Tim Allen) initially believes that he is a real space ranger and not a toy like the rest of the inhabitants of Andy’s room. However, he still freezes like the other toys when humans appear.

The Lord of the Rings

Although we hate to say it, it’s one of those movie plot holes that just doesn’t make sense. We’re shown through the 3 movies how Bilbo Baggins (portrayed by Ian Holm) ages rapidly without the powers of The One Ring. However, the same doesn’t happen to Gollum (portrayed by Andy Serkis).

Movie Plot Holes


Movie Plot Holes

ET might be one of the most treasured movies of all time, but it also contains one of the biggest movie plot holes ever. If ET and Elliott (portrayed by Henry Thomas) could fly away from cops in the iconic bike and moon scene, then why couldn’t ET just use his flying abilities at the beginning of the movie when he missed his space ride?

What We Do In The Shadows

The vampires need to draw pictures of each other to see their outfits, as they have no reflections. However, a scene shows a spoon and a cup in a mirror, which leads us to believe that objects – like clothes – can be seen even if the vampires don’t have reflections.

Movie Plot Holes

Independence Day

David (portrayed by Jeff Goldblum) infects the alien computers with a virus using his Mac. How can a Mac be compatible with alien computers and software? Apparently, there is a deleted scene where David does fiddle with his Mac to make it compatible, but this scene was never released officially.

Which movie plot holes bother you the most? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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