This past week Sony made a drastic business decision. The gaming giant released a statement saying that it will be supporting PS4 cross-play in the future with Fortnite being the first game to allow this feature. For those who don’t know, PS4 cross-play means you can play against and with friends on other gaming platforms as long as you all own the same game. It has been a hot debate in recent months as every platform except the PS4 has supported it, especially with Fortnite.

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Now that Sony has let the cat out of the bag, we thought we would list the games we want to support PS4 cross-play.


We hate to say it but Overwatch’s PS4 servers had seen better days. Like all old games, Overwatch is suffering from a dry period where the online servers are a barren wasteland with very little players populating its code. Sure, these numbers pick up when new characters and maps are released and when a new competitive season arrives but in between it all, it just needs a constant boost of player count.

Now, we are not talking about adding PC players into this cross-play mix because mouse and keyboard support is simply not fair for those on console, but adding Xbox One gamers into this would help save the Overwatch servers from doom. The PS4 and Xbox One servers together could create a solid online experience throughout the year as the dry period would be supported by a new market of players on the opposing console and the busy period would be even better.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a heavy multiplayer game. Unlike Overwatch, you need to actually put yourself out there in Destiny to meet people and make friends in order to get activities done. It is not as simple as joining a matchmaking game and playing like other online games on this list. This is a struggle many people have on Destiny, where they just fail to meet people. PS4 is a leading platform for Destiny 2 which means if you are playing on PC or Xbox One, then you will struggle to find South Africans to play with.

Now, imagine a world where weekly Clan bounties done on PS4 benefit Xbox One players too? Many times Xbox One gamers that are part of a clan miss out on these activities due to them not being able to complete them. Meanwhile, on PS4, these bounties are done within days due to the sheer amount of players on the platform. Merge these two worlds together, even if it means we cannot play together but clans are cross-platform and progress carries over across them all.

GTA V Online

GTA V Online would make for the best PS4 cross-play experience of all time. Imagine being able to own online businesses across Xbox One, PC and PS4 and all your friends and members help contribute to your tycoon. Rockstar should open up the floodgates and merge all the economies together to create a massive, online currency where as long as you have GTA V Online, you are contributing to this economy. The possibilities are endless with the game as you take on jobs with other players on other platforms and try to grow your empire on a bigger scale.

It will also help provide an increase to the online player count as you will be able to play with and against other platforms and make friends, join gangs and of course, help create a global empire together without the walls of cross-play getting in the way. GTA V Online would be the biggest PS4 cross-play event in history as the game has sold over 100 million copies.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is going to be epic when it launches later this October. One thing we are all worried about is the lack of players in six months’ time. Sure, the game has a great dedicated online mode and Black Ops 4 is more online than ever, but the issue is, we have local matchmaking here in SA and if no one is playing because they have moved onto Red Dead Redemption 2 then finding matches is going to be tough.

Activision should look into putting things together to create one happy online environment where PS4 and Xbox One players can join each other for multiplayer, Blackout, and even zombies. This means that players will always find a match, regardless of what platform they play on and what mode they are playing too. The new Blackout mode is Black Ops 4’s answer to Battle Royale but the issue is the player count is so high that finding a match within months of the game’s release is going to be a challenge. Just put it all together and double the player count.

Battlefield V

We officially have local servers in SA for this game and while that sounds like the best news ever, it is actually not. History has shown from the release of Battlefield 1 that South Africans move away from old games pretty fast and those local servers we all wanted so badly became a wasteland without anyone playing. South Africans had to set up specific groups to enjoy these local, lag-free servers as matchmaking never took place due to the lower player count.

It is an issue we all faced and we looked bad after EA did us a favour and implemented local servers for us. Battlefield V will no doubt suffer from the same fate within months of release as servers that hold sixty and up players, will struggle to fill up due to the lack of online gamers. This is where PS4 cross-play could save the day as merging Xbox One and PS4 servers together would not only double the server count but also mean more players and more life into the game. If anything, this game is one on the list that we all hope gets some sort of PS4 cross-play support for the sake of local servers.

Which games would you like to play using PS4 cross-play? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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