If you haven’t seen Venom or read the reviews, then you should know that it’s not the best superhero movie that’s been released.

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The movie stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, who gets infected by an alien parasite called Venom. It all sounds pretty cool and the comic book version of Venom has always had a steady following. However, this movie isn’t the best and here are 5 reasons why Venom sucked.

Chaotic…Not In A Good Way

A little bit of chaos, action, and drama is part of the recipe for a good superhero movie. Unfortunately, Venom is chaotic in all the wrong ways. The plot and storyline are pretty simple to follow. What makes Venom so frustratingly chaotic, is that events seem to weirdly work out in a certain way without making real sense (even for a superhero movie). You struggle to find the connection and you often find yourself wanting a bit more of a back story to have tied events together.

To even think of tying it into the Marvel universe becomes painful and isn’t that apparent when watching the movie for the first time.

Bad Acting

The cast, which includes Tom Hardy as Eddie/Brock/Venom, Michelle Williams as Anne Weying and Riz Amed as Carlton Drake, are stellar. However, their performances aren’t. Tom Hardy feels extremely awkward at times, Michelle Williams was pretty bland and Riz Amed sometimes appeares like he was forcing the villain persona too much.


There is very little, to no, character development, nor much backstory. The result is that at the end of Venom, you hardly care about any of the characters – not hating or loving any of the amazing cast.

No Thrill

Superhero movies usually have a lot of action and adventure packed into them. Audiences love to remain on the edge of their seats, while we see how the good guy saves the day and defeats the bad guy in a dramatically entertaining fashion. Venom falls short of this superhero movie appeal and delivers a bland experience with very few thrills. The action and suspense are lacking very noticeably in Venom and it makes the movie feel boring.

Venom has some cool car chase scenes, but lack any real action that’s usually bountiful in superhero movies. The fighting falls flat to delight and the plot twists aren’t really twists at all. The movie might deliver a few polite chuckles, but it isn’t funny either.

Venom fails to impress us and there are some obvious reasons why. We hope to see more of the character, but only if the story and other problems get addressed.

Have you seen Venom yet? Drop us a comment below and let us know what you thought about the movie.

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