Aquaman is currently making waves at the box offices. The long-anticipated standalone movie from the DC Comics, stars Jason Momoa as Aquaman.

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Director James Wan.
Cast Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, and Willem Dafoe.
Rating 13
Genre Fantasy/Superhero
Running Time 2 Hours 23 Mins.

Let’s face it – Aquaman hasn’t been the most popular of the DC superheroes. The ability to swim really fast and communicate with sea creatures, seemed to be a bit dorky. There was even a running joke about Aquaman on the popular HBO show, Entourage. Enter Jason Momoa as Aquaman, being directed by James Wan and the whole tone of the story changes.

Ocean Vibes

Aquaman is all about the ocean and his love for the sea is portrayed beautifully in the new movie. Not only do we get schooled on how humans are completing wrecking the oceans, but we’re also shown a fantasy ocean world.

James Wan brought to life a real underwater adventure with Aquaman. The attention to detail was a joy to behold, with hair and bodies moving exactly as we would expect they would underwater. The hidden world of Atlantis and the other ocean worlds are visually stunning and it’s thrilling to experience Aquaman in 3D.

Not Too Cheesy

Superhero movies can be a bit cheesy at times, as that’s how the genre has always been. The costumes and crazy plots, make it easy for superhero movies to go over the top dramatic sometimes. Aquaman could’ve been even cheesier than most, given his already tainted reputation.


But the Aquaman delivered by Jason Momoa wasn’t too geeky or over-the-top dramatic at all. In fact, he was actually pretty smooth, badass and even quite funny at times.

Floating About

In terms of storylines, Aquaman isn’t especially riveting. It’s the typical, superhero coming into his own kind of story. Nothing new we haven’t experienced before. However, it would’ve been cool to have a tie-in to the Justice League in any way. It’s a little random how there isn’t even the slightest mention of any of the other Justice Leaguers. Not even a whisper of Superman himself.

In Batman v Superman, we’re briefly introduced to some of the future members of the Justice League by being shown a brief glimpse of each of the new superheroes. Then they’re characters and the justice League storyline was expanded in the 2017 movie, Justice League. Unfortunately, the tie-in opportunity was missed in Aquaman and the story is left out floating around a little when compared to the bigger Justice League franchise.

A Visual Dream

The storyline might not have been that riveting, but Aquaman is visually one of the most beautiful movies to be released this year.

From the CGI to the amazing costume design and makeup – you won’t want to look away. A special mention must be made to how beautiful Amber Heard’s character looks. Mera has some of the best looks throughout the movie, blending badass with beautiful.


Aquaman’s suit is also out of this world. Jason Momoa found a way to make the suit look edgier than we expected and actually has you starring at the details of the suit more closely. Also, the history behind the suit makes it even more awesome.

James Wan is able to bring the ocean alive in Aquaman. And as we mentioned above, a lot of attention was paid to every small detail to make the audience believe that some of the movie takes place underwater. The underwater effect was created by attaching the actor to rigs, so that they could simulate being submerged.


Aquaman is a fun fantasy movie. It’s visually stunning and entertaining enough to make you enjoy it. The storyline felt a little wishy-washy at times, but the general story was okay.

Jason Momoa delivers an edgier Aquaman, that kept us entertained and invested in his story.

The world created by James Wan is visually stunning and one of the highlights of Aquaman. We loved the attention to detail, which made Aquaman look authentic and captured our imaginations.

Have you seen Aquaman yet? Drop us a comment below and let us know what you think.

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Aquaman Review: A New Wave In DC Movies
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