With the DOOM franchise turning 25, we cannot help but imagine all the enemies we are fighting in DOOM as their original designs. DOOM has come a long way over the years, with its original release in 1993 being the biggest turning point for gaming in decades.

Some DOOM enemies have been around since the original game and we take a look at these comparisons of the different versions of the same DOOM enemies:

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Baron of Hell

DOOM Enemies

The Baron of Hell was first introduced in the original DOOM. Strangely enough, the enemy did not appear in Doom 3, rather he made an appearance in DOOM 64, and now in the latest DOOM

Hell Knight

Hell Knight

The Hell Knight resembled the same look as the Baron of Hell in the original title. It was not until DOOM 3 where the model was reimagined as the Hell Knight we all fear today. The Original model was easier to kill than the Baron of Hell and also has a different colour palate.



The Revenant is probably the most iconic enemy in the series. Basically a skeleton with a jetpack/rocket launcher. Out of all the enemies in DOOM it is probably the one that has received the least makeover and looks as close to the original as ever. Even in DOOM 3 the enemy still resembled its original iconic look.



Originally it resembled a furry monkey-like design, which then led to a freakier hybrid model. In DOOM it has again changed its look. One thing that has not changed is its characteristics as they have remained the same across the games. It has always shot fireballs at the player, and in DOOM 3 and DOOM, it jumps and climbs around the level.



The Cocademon always had an iconic look to i. It shot a bright blue orb at enemies from its mouth and floated around with no rush to go anywhere. The design changed dramatically in DOOM 3, featuring a more mechanical look to it, this however was changed back in the latest title bearing a close resemblance to the original design


DOOM Pinky

Pinky also suffered the same fate as the Cocademon, with it receiving a massive change in design in DOOM 3. The demon has mechanical legs and looked totally different. However, in DOOM, it was clear that id Software preferred the original look and brought it back. The only different between the two is that the DOOM version has armoured plating on its front, preventing damage done to it.

Lost Souls

Lost Souls

The Lost Souls have not really been DOOM enemies, more just floating fire balls waiting to explode when you get near to them. In all the Doom titles they proved as more of a trolling mechanic than anything else.


DOOM Mancubus

The Mancubus is a tank-like enemy that is hard to kill. Across all the DOOM games it proved a tough fight with its powerful weapons and high damage. If anything, the design has actually improved greatly over the years.

Cyber Demon


One of the most feared demons in the series is the Cyber Demon. Its massive size and powerful cannon decimates anything that stands in its way, and across all the games it revealed itself as a boss fight. The Cyber Demon has managed to stay in the same design aesthetic across all the games, and in DOOM he looks better than ever.

DOOM is out now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.