We can all dream about our perfect gaming setup. A motorized chair, a three-screen display that curves around us, and a perfect gaming mouse and keyboard combination. While that sounds cool, there are other future gaming tech we want that we think will change the way we play.

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Social VR

We love VR games, especially PS VR. The only thing missing from a VR experience is the social aspect of it. It is mainly a solo experience, give or take a few games here and there. We cannot wait for a social VR experience where our friends could perhaps wear a headset and we could spend time with them in a virtual space.

Future Gaming Tech

We would love to own future gaming tech that transports you to a world where you can see your friends in space, and the way they move and the way they act feels authentic to real life. This kind of future gaming tech would make for an extremely enjoyable experience.

More Augmented Reality

While Pokemon GO brought in a whole new way to explore our wonderful world, more AR games and experiences need to be created to truly nail down the tech as something worthwhile. We are already seeing Microsoft HoloLens make use of our social space around us to incorporate a living and breathing dynamic, but if we could harness that power into gaming experiences, the sky is not the limit.

Future Gaming Tech

A simple room turned into a jungle through your eyes, or a garden that becomes a paint ball park where you and your friends can run around and sheach otherther, with no mess at all. AR technology is limitless, and the idea of creating a world in our surroundings would go hand in hand with gaming.

Affordable Cloud Processing

This past CES we were introduced to GeForce Now, a new cloud-powered gaming experience that sees you play your Steam library in any device by Nvidia rendering and processing the game on its end, and you just reaping the rewards of the gameplay on your end. This system sounds fun and all, but for a premium of $25 (about R330) per 20 hours, it would mean the average gamer, who plays roughly 100-200 hours a month, would have to fork out R3 000 for this service.

Future Gaming Tech

We want a service that lets us pay monthly, and an affordable one at that. Gamers don’t spend a dozen hours gaming per month, they spend hundreds. If they are looking for a cloud service, then they are interested in investing a lot of time into the games, which means future gaming tech needs to be affordable. PS Now is much more affordable as you can see above.

Emotion Tracking Games

We might be a few years away from something like this. Affectiva is an emotion recognition software that learns techniques to analyze your facial expressions and nonverbal cues through a camera. The software then reacts to the player’s emotions giving developers different ways to personalize the experience for each type of gamer.

This type of future gaming tech would add a new layer of immersion into a game’s experience as a player would adapt the game to their personal feelings and emotion at the time of playing. We could even go as far as to say that the games will know you are not happy and try to cheer you up by adapting the gameplay to be more light-hearted.

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