Pokemon Go Trainers – get ready for the next level of Pokemon GO playing. Pokemon GO PvP has been released and is live for Trainers right now.

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The Pokemon GO PvP feature, or Trainer Battles, is available right now for Pokemon GO Trainers who are Level 10 and up. The feature was first tested on Pokemon GO Trainers who were Level 40 and up, but then became available for all other Trainers who have reached Level 10.

How Does Pokemon PvP Work

To make use of the Pokemon GO PvP feature, you’ll need to be in close proximity to the Trainer you wish to battle. However, you can use the feature to battle friends on your list remotely who you’ve reached Best Friends or higher status with.

The Pokemon GO PvP feature can be found in different ways in the popular mobile game.

First, you can find it in your Nearby tab. The tab now has three options: Battle, Nearby Pokemon, and Raid. When you press on Battle you’re able to Battle other Pokemon GO Trainers by challenging them using a QR code scanning feature. So, remember that you’ll need to obviously be in the same space as each other to scan the QR codes and be able to battle it out.

Then, if you don’t feel like battling real-life Trainers or you want to practise the new Pokemon GO PvP feature, you can battle against the AI-operated team leaders – Blanche, Candela, and Spark.

Another way to use the Pokemon GO PvP feature is through the Friends tab in the game. Friends who you’ve achieved Best Friends status with or higher can be battled through this tab and they can be battled remotely. This means you don’t have to be in close proximity of each other to use the feature.

Trainers can use different attacks when battling in Pokemon GO PvP. These attacks include the Fast Attack and Charge Attack, with an additional Charge Attack that can be unlocked.

By battling it out with other real-life trainers in Pokemon GO PvP mode, Trainers will earn in-game rewards. Awards include the much sought-after Sinnoh Stone which evolves Pokemon to their final evolution forms. These awards that you can win through Pokemon GO PvP battles can be earned up to 3-times

Based on your CP, you can join different leagues.

Are you still playing Pokemon GO? What do you think of this new Pokemon GO PvP feature? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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