You would think with the amount of money that goes into producing and eventually releasing pop songs there won’t be any recording mistakes in them.  Now, you could argue that these glitches were kept because it gave a song a certain unique feel or you could blame it on a mistake. You can go check out users debates on the subreddit /r/Productionglitches on whether these recording mistakes were left in these 5 pop songs on purpose or whether it was a true editing oversight.


Roxanne by The Police

At about 00:04 you hear Sting accidentally sitting on the piano and laughing.

Polly by Nirvana

Even the legendary Kurt Cobain made recording mistakes, but he made sure you never knew. Just before the start of the third verse of the song, Cobain comes in too soon and sings “Polly said…” before realizing his mistake, and then later claimed it was on purpose.

Beautiful by Christina Aguilera


It isn’t one of the most noticeable recording mistakes, but if you listen closely around 3:44 you can hear the accompanying instrumental track playing from Christina Aguilera’s earphones.

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

Off of the album with the same title, you can hear guitarist David Gilmour coughing and sniffling around 0:44. It’s not one of the most glaringly obvious recording mistakes, but apparently, it prompted him to quit smoking cigarettes.

Everybody Talks by Neon Trees

Singer Tyler Glenn coughs in the beginning of the song and explains:

The beginning of ‘Everybody Talks’ was inspired by the Bowie song, ‘Let’s Dance.’ And I accidentally coughed in the rough take of that vocal. Now it’s all over. Whoop.

Are there any recording mistakes in songs that you can’t unhear? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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