Trevor Noah has a new Netflix standup comedy called Son of Patricia, which is streaming right now. However, his 91-year old Gogo (that’s grandmother for you non-South Africans) can’t watch Trevor Noah’s new standup comedy or regular show, The Daily Show, because of loadshedding.

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Trevor Noah, who is residing in New York City in the US due to his gig on The Daily Show, was visiting his home country of South Africa for the Global Citizens concert. During his visit, Trevor Noah took the time to see his sweet Gogo, Nomalizo Frances Noah. The two spoke about our beloved Nelson Mandela, and about the struggles of the Apartheid-era.

Trevor Noah’s grandmother also joked how she doesn’t watch his show on Comedy Central because of electricity loadshedding implemented by South African energy supplier, Eskom.

Trevor Noah’s latest Netflix standup, The Son of Patricia, is streaming on Netflix right now. This new show joins another Netflix standup comedy special he has done, called Afraid of the Dark (2017). Some of Trevor Noah’s other comedy special include Lost in Translation (2015), Pay Back the Funny (2015), The Nationwild Comedy Tour (2015) and many more.

The comedian has been on the entertainment scene since 2002 and since then has garnered international success. Most notably is his current role as the host for The Daily Show. Trevor Noah took over the hosting gig from Jon Stewart in 2015. He has only managed to get bigger and funnier from there.

With his new Netflix show out, we might be treated to another Trevor Noah comedy tour like he had in 2017 following the release of Afraid of the Dark. Until then, we can rewatch Son of Patricia a few hundred times.

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