In the 90s cellphones just came out and it was more of a status symbol than it is today. If you had a cellphone it was huge! Even by the early 2000s it was still a big deal and many of us lusted over owning our own one of these retro cellphones one day. These are the cellphone we wanted as kids:

1. T-Mobile Sidekick

Cellphones 1

Veronica Mars and Summer Roberts had one! It was huge in the US (I can’t remember ever seeing one in South Africa).  What made this phone so cool was the way it flipped, the fact that every American teen seemed to have one and that you can bedazzle the hell out of it.

2. LG Chocolate


This cellphone was super popular because it was endorsed by basically every celebrity out there. And whoever was responsible for product placement back then was super good at their job because this cellphone appeared in almost every movie in the year it came out.

3. Motorola RAZR

Cellphones 3

It was super skinny, it flipped, it came in different colours and Paris Hilton had one – who wouldn’t have wanted the Motorola RAZR?

4. Blackberry Curve

It took a while for Blackberry to come to South Africa, but they have been huge in movies for a long time. Even Miranda from Sex and the City had one and every teenager dreamed of having their own cellphone with a QWERTY keyboard. Now, I can’t actually think of anything worse.

5. Motorola Flip Phone


Flip phones were huge! Everyone wanted one. And its funny how cellphones used to be so small and now their getting bigger every day. If you had a flip cellphone back in the day, people respected you and the Motorola flip phone was a hot favourite.