Anthem is one of 2019’s biggest releases. There is some real hype about the game. Developed by BioWare, the minds behind the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series, Anthem is one of the most ambitious action RPGs of this generation.

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With the release date looming in the distanc, we thought we would go through 5 reasons why you should be excited for Anthem.

It’s Gorgeous

Anthem makes use of EA‘s in-house Frostbite 3 engine. When it was first announced, we seriously thought that it could be a next-gen game. We were wrong. The exceptional visuals in the game are actually running on current hardware and it looks gorgeous.


Anthem is set across a massive open world with various diverse areas to explore and every location features a unique look and feel, with its own climate and enemy types. Every waterfall comes to life, every volcano looks real and every enemy oozes creativity. All this comes together on the Frostbite 3 engine to deliver game visuals that may surpass all others this generation. After Mass Effect: Andromeda’s terrible release, everything in Anthem (yes, even the facial animations) look great.

It Has Deep RPG Elements

If you thought that Anthem was just another shooter, then think again. It actually has some really heavy RPG elements that will keep you grinding for more loot and character progression, even after you complete the main story campaign. Each player has a range of Javelins that act as your weapons in the game. Each Javelin has a unique look, feel and various skills that set them apart from others.


The whole idea of Anthem is to improve your Javelin, discover new abilities, power them up and gather all the tasty loot that will enhance your gameplay experience as you go from strength to strength. Equipping specific gear to enhance a different Javelin’s role, such as support or tank, is key to the deep level of customization in the game. You will spend a good amount of time developing different loadouts for different situations.

It’s also an Action Shooter

RPG aside, Anthem is all about the action and the game has plenty of it. As you go about your missions, you will be tasked at defeating all the different types of enemies and mastering your Javelin. Learning what works for you and what works against specific enemy types is key to the game’s action. Once you know how to tackle each challenge, Anthem will be a fun and addictive action experience.


Each Javelin makes the experience feel different. The Storm Javelin, for example, is all about elemental attacks that devastate your foes in large AOE abilities. The Colossus is a hands-on Javelin that gets into the combat with its high defense and close range attacks. The Interceptor is then the agile Javelin that jumps into combat, attacks and jumps out. Lastly, the Ranger is an all-around attack suit that makes for a great starter type.


Of course, the weapons make the game what it is, as each one is unique and feels different. Machine guns and rifles offer unique approaches to combat while different rarities of each type will have unique perks that set the rarest of weapons far above the rest. Combine the Javelins, their abilities and the vast weaponry of Anthem and you have a pretty cool action shooter.

Play It Alone or With Friends

Anthem is mainly a multiplayer game, which means you will be playing it with friends but it has a large emphasis on single-player, too. You can choose not to play with people online and take on the game’s challenges alone, but when the going gets tough, you may want to matchmake for help.


According to BioWare, everything in Anthem will have matchmaking if you want to make use of it. This means you can easily jump into a mission alone or just toggle matchmaking to get some random people to help you fight off the enemies.

Anthem Could Be A Destiny Replacement

Everything we mentioned above sounds very “Destiny” and it is. Much of the game’s features have been heavily inspired by the Destiny series. We get the feeling that the game’s grind and constant urge to better your Javelin, will keep you going months after the game releases.


The game’s heavy emphasis on multiplayer also has a Destiny vibe to it, with missions relying on different Javelins and their abilities to help them go smoother and faster. Of course, its weapon system is what makes the game fall in line with Bungie’s sci-fi shooter as it has a range of rare and exotic weapons to obtain throughout the game. This means you will always be on the hunt for these rare drops and if anything, probably be grinding for days to get that perfect roll on that sniper.

So there you have it. Anthem is sounding pretty great right now and we cannot wait for its release. The game is planned for release on 22 February 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Will you be playing Anthem when it releases? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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