When you buy a game do you just buy the game or do you splurge for the version with statues and artbooks, DLC and soundtracks? Well, we normally buy these fancy versions also known as the expensive collector’s editions if we can afford it. Usually, these expensive collector’s editions cost much more than you think as they are limited in quantity and have some really cool things inside. Some of them even have real cars and houses. Yes, even actual houses.

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We take a look at the most expensive collector’s editions in gaming. Be prepared to wish you were a millionaire.

Halo 5: Guardians Collector’s Edition – R3500

Expensive Collector's EditionsThe first few expensive collector’s editions on this list are still reasonable to the extent where they probably cost a car payment or two to buy.

The first one is Halo 5: Guardians Collector’s Edition that came into SA at R4000. The box came with a stunning stone statue of Master Chief and Spartan Locke and was designed by Triforce. The box contained the game (of course) steelbook, DLC and the limited edition content and a Metal Earth Guardian Model that you could assemble. With all this, it was the statue that was the prize in the box as the attention to detail was simply awesome and the fact that it was pretty big and heavy probably put some cost in the design and the import fee.

Destiny 2 Collector’s Edition – R4000

We personally bought this version of the game and we have to say we love it.

The Collector’s Edition of Destiny 2 came with a sling bag that was designed to perfection as well as a solar-powered charging pack that let you whip it out, plug a phone in and charge it in the sun. It also came with the game, the expansion pass and a steelbook case. Without a doubt, the bag is the main attraction here as it has some pretty awesome detail and makes for a great laptop and work bag.

Final Fantasy XV: Ultimate Edition – R4500

Expensive Collector's EditionsOne step higher in the price war is the Final Fantasy XV: Ultimate Edition. We only received 20 of them here in SA and they sold out pretty fast.

Setting you back R4500, the package came with an exclusive Noctis Play Arts figurine, steelbook, the Kingsglaive movie, a whopping 192-page art book and all packed into a fancy box. It was without a doubt the must-have version of Final Fantasy XV and to this day you will not find it anywhere and if you do chances are someone is trying to peg it off for a ridiculous amount of money.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Mirthil Edition – R5000

The recent follow up to Shadow of Mordor, released alongside a particularly fancy edition of the game. It was packed with everything Lord of the Rings fans loved including a stunning 12-inch Tar-Goroth Barlog vs Carnan Drake statue, a cloth map of Mordor, lithographs, tribe stickers, official game soundtrack, an awesome and iconic Ring of Power, oh, and the game.

Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition – R15,000

Expensive Collector's EditionsWhile Resident Evil 6 was not the best game in the series it did, however, have one of the best and most expensive collector’s editions.

Limited to a few hundred versions of the pack, Capcom put a crazy $1300 price tag on this. What was inside you ask? Well, the most expensive part of it all was the authentic replica of Leon’s leather jacket he wears in the game. Of course, you also got the game, and along with it four tablet cases with each main character designed on the back.

Grid 2: Mono Edition – R2.3 million

Expensive Collector's EditionsOh, nice game you have there! Do you want a car with it too? That was probably going through Codemasters mind when designing this edition of the game. This R2.3 million edition came with the game, a Grid 2 helmet, racing boots and gloves, a PS3 to play the game on and a street-legal BAC Mono Supercar. Yes, an actual car that you can drive on the actual road.

Well, at least there was only one copy of this edition ever made for sale and guess who bought it? None other than Deadmau5 himself.

Dying Light My Apocalypse Edition – R5 million

Expensive Collector's EditionsNow, this is getting a bit too much.

Dying Light is all about zombies and surviving the zombie horde so this edition of the game set you up for a zombie horde if one would ever take place. The My Apocolypse Edition is a crazy-priced version of the game that came with your very own zombie-proof shelter, parkour lessons, an opportunity to play with the devs, night vision goggles, adult diapers (why?), a life-sized Volatile figurine, the ability to have your face in the game, and of course four copies of the game. If it helps, there has never been confirmation of this edition selling so perhaps there is hope in the world after all.

Saints Row IV: Super Dangerous WAD WAD Edition – R13 million

Expensive Collector's EditionsThis version of Saints Row IV was never bought by anyone, thankfully. It came with a load of things inside, including a Virgin Galactic Space Flight, Lamborghini Gallardo a replica Dub-Step Gun and a few hundred things more. The edition would even set you up to be a spy thanks to its spy training day included in the package. You would have to fly to Washington DC to get all these things but first-class flights were included. Thank goodness.

Which expensive collector’s editions have you purchased and what did you pay for them? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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